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H2020 projects about "plot"

The page lists 13 projects related to the topic "plot".

# achronym  title  year 
1 Forests and CO Co-Benefits and Conflicts between CO2 sequestration and biodiversity conservation in European Forests 2015
2 PlotLab PlotLab - Plot combines with integrated lab equipment for lean breading 2015
3 VegAlert Low cost, early Phytosanitary monitoring and alert service for horticultural farmers 2016
4 DalitzCPviolation Understanding matter-antimatter asymmetries in B meson decays to three particles 2016
5 FOL Fighting Over Land: Theory and Empirical Evidence from Colombia 2017
6 NARMESH Narrating the Mesh: Ecology and the Non-Human in Contemporary Fiction and Oral Storytelling 2017
7 MAP Inside the Mind of Ancient People: the tangible and constructed landscape of the western Delta in the Late Period (664-332BC) 2017
8 DigiFlor Digital Edition of the Roman de Florimont 2017
9 ENTRAP Enhanced Neutralisation of explosive Threats Reaching Across the Plot 2017
10 POP-R Parallel Orthographic Processing and Reading 2017
11 FUNDra Remote sensing to model spatiotemporal distribution of functional diversity in the tundra 2018
12 PASIFIC Polish Academy of Sciences’ Individual Fellowships: Innovation & Creativity 2020
13 hSAI Predictive and adaptative algorithms for Smart cities, HR and Finance Industries 2019