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H2020 projects about "provisional"

The page lists 10 projects related to the topic "provisional".

# achronym  title  year 
1 CHIRALSENSE CHIRALSENSE : Sensing Chirality using cavity-enhanced polarimetry: advances in sensitivity and time-resolution 2015
2 IXSI3D Translating Hybrid Imaging for Interventions: Intra-operative Guidance and Evaluation using 2D and 3D Interventional X-ray Scintigraphy Imaging 2015
3 MODCAM Modcam – vision sensors with onboard analytics for retail customer analysis 2017
4 KM3NeT - INFRADEV Astroparticle and Oscillations Research with Cosmics in the Abyss (ARCA and ORCA) 2017
5 GrapheneBiosensor Electrochemical Graphene Sensors as Early Alert Tools for Algal Toxin Detection in Water 2017
6 Nanodevice Nanostructure-based label-free biomolecular binding kinetics assay 2018
7 INSPECTO INSPECTO: A disruptive portable device with an innovative Method for Pesticides and contaminants Detection in Food 2017
8 HisTochText History of the Tocharian Texts of the Pelliot Collection 2018
9 ReachOut The Beta Testing Campaign Platform for Research Projects 2019
10 FreezeM Revivable freezing solution for the insect farming market 2019