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H2020 projects about "reflex"

The page lists 14 projects related to the topic "reflex".

# achronym  title  year 
1 proLungPlasma Validation of a Lung Cancer Plasma Reflex Test Using Epigenetic Biomarker for Cancer Detection 2015
2 SafeTrain Piloting and industrial validation of autonomous and sustainable animal deterring system for the rail transport 2015
3 REFLEX Analysis of the European energy system under the aspects of flexibility and technological progress 2016
4 EURAXIND EURAXESS for Industry 2016
5 Plan4Act Predictive Neural Information for Proactive Actions: From Monkey Brain to Smart House Control 2017
6 Learn2Walk Brain meets spine: the neural origin of toddler’s first steps 2017
7 AMPLIFY Amplifying Human Perception Through Interactive Digital Technologies 2016
8 BrainInBrain Neural circuits underlying complex brain function across animals - from conserved core concepts to specializations defining a species’ identity 2017
9 MultiSense Multisensory signal processing: From brain-wide neuronal circuits to behavior 2017
10 TURBO-REFLEX TURBOmachinery REtrofits enabling FLEXible back-up capacity for the transition of the European energy system 2017
11 REFLEX Reversible solid oxide Electrolyzer and Fuel cell for optimized Local Energy miX 2018
12 Stellar i-ris First non-invasive, reliable and quickest biometric system detecting users’ fatigue and narcotics consumption for road safety and the prevention of accidents at safety-critical workplaces in Europe 2018
13 Dignum Innovative toilet assistive device enabling people with reduced mobility to become independent 2019
14 INNOGAIT Innovative Reflex-based Gait Rehabilitation 2020