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H2020 projects about "spare"

The page lists 20 projects related to the topic "spare".

# achronym  title  year 
1 ADHESION Development of new biotech AdvanceD materials based on Hyaluronic acid and nanoparticlEs to prevent Surgical adhesIons and pOst surgical infectionNs 2015
2 QuickTicket QuickTicket 2015
3 Bionic Aircraft Increasing resource efficiency of aviation through implementation of ALM technology and bionic design in all stages of an aircraft life cycle 2016
4 WheelWatcher Advanced wheel measuring system for greater rail sector’s profitability 2016
5 DNA TRUSTAG DNA TRUSTAG - A paradigm shift in authentication technologies 2017
6 OrbEx Innovative Low-Mass Tanks for a Low-Cost European Micro-Launch Vehicle 2017
7 INTERLACE Interacting Decentralized Transactional and Ledger Architecture for Mutual Credit 2017
8 IAHP Intelligent Active Hearing Protection 2017
9 SIRMIO Small animal proton Irradiator for Research in Molecular Image-guided radiation-Oncology 2017
10 TAIRA Fault Tolerant Aileron Actuation System for Regional Aircraft 2017
11 I-Cuvette Smart cuvette and portable Time-Resolved FRET for fast analysis of milk 2017
12 LIPOFABRIK LIPOFABRIK: A ground-breaking biomolecular production platform for safer, more efficient and sustainable pest control and crop health management. 2018
13 LABOR Lean robotized AssemBly and cOntrol of composite aeRostructures 2018
14 ReCiPSS Resource-efficient Circular Product-Service Systems 2018
15 STARCloud Bringing Quality of Service to Blockchain-Based Clouds 2019
16 PRIME Innovative Low-Mass Tanks for a Low-Cost, Low-Carbon European Micro-Launch Vehicle 2019
17 oculavis SHARE oculavis SHARE: The Remote Service Platform for B2B service processes based on Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence Technologies 2019
18 Hot Lithography The disruptive 3D printing technology Hot Lithography with highperformance polymers for the Additive Manufacturing of spare parts and small series of functional parts 2019
19 321NOW 321NOW: The Now Booking Channel 2019
20 VALIDATE Verifying Authenticity with Liquid crystal-Derived Anti Theft Encoding 2019