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H2020 projects about "tartu"

The page lists 20 projects related to the topic "tartu".

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1 Baltic Mikrorayon Past, Present, and Future Lives of Soviet Housing Estates in the Baltic States 2016
2 ICH-Bildung The Impact of Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) in formal, non-formal and informal education and its contribution to the Key Competences for Lifelong Learning in the EU Reference Framework 2015
4 TransGeno The ERA Chair for Translational Genomics and Personalized Medicine 2015
5 SynBioTEC Establishing ERA Chair position in Synthetic Biology at University of Tartu Institute of Technology 2015
6 WIDENLIFE Widening the Scientific Excellence for Studies on Women’s and Fetal Health and Wellbeing 2016
7 UPTAKE Building Research Excellence in Russian and East European Studies at the Universities of Tartu, Uppsala and Kent 2016
8 SPECTRA280 A cloud-based food analytics platform for the rapid detection of adulterant matter and quality assessment of milk, fruit juice and olive oil 2015
9 CETM Research capacity building through improved knowledge exchange and twinning frameworks for the Centre of Excellence in Translational Medicine 2016
10 SEARMET Scientific Excellence in Animal Reproductive Medicine and Embryo Technology 2016
11 SmartEnCity Towards Smart Zero CO2 Cities across Europe 2016
12 CelESTial Industrial Cell Factories and Sustainable Bioprocessing for Future Bioeconomy 2017
13 cGEM the Center for Genomics, Evolution and Medicine 2018
14 CIPHR ERA Chair for Computational Imaging and Processing in High Resolution 2019
15 ECePS ERA Chair in E-Governance and Digital Public Services 2019
16 TWINNIMS Increasing the scientific excellence and technological innovation capacity in Functional Materials for Medical Devices and Robotics of the University of Tartu 2019
17 MIBEst Molecular Infection Biology Estonia - Research capacity building 2019
18 PATSAFE Developing the University of Tartu to a well-networked PATient SAFEty research center in Estonia 2019
19 MATTER ERA Chair position in Materials Research in Extreme Environments 2020
20 MATER Innovative Training Network in Female Reproductive Care 2019