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H2020 projects about "tom"

The page lists 17 projects related to the topic "tom".

# achronym  title  year 
1 WhereWolf The history of wolves, and their contribution to adaptation and phenotypic diversity in dogs 2016
2 INAME Imaging nucleic acid metabolism in cells 2016
3 CogSoCoAGE Tracking the cognitive basis of social communication across the life-span 2015
4 Tom PIT Studio Tom PIT Studio - platform for designing information systems 2016
5 FUDIPO Future Directions of Production Planning and Optimized Energy- and Process Industries 2016
6 CROME Crossed Memories, Politics of Silence: The Colonial-Liberation Wars in Postcolonial Times 2017
7 MEMPATHY At first INsight: how our memories shape empathy for others’ physical pain 2017
8 Logist-IoT SensorToCloud Technologies for Loss Prevention and Smart “Last Mile” Logistics Operations 2017
9 FLUFLUX Fluvial Meta-Ecosystem Functioning: Unravelling Regional Ecological Controls Behind Fluvial Carbon Fluxes 2017
10 MENTALIZINGORIGINS Origins of theory of mind: action prediction by great apes and human infants 2018
11 MyCorridor Mobility as a Service in a multimodal European cross-border corridor 2017
12 FastFinder Artificial intelligence for automated, standardised interpretation of DNA testing results 2017
13 ToMSelfLink Understanding Others and the Self - What does brain maturation tell us about early Theory of Mind development and its relation to the emergence of a self-concept in early childhood? 2018
14 OpticalSpaceLink Optical link for free space laser communication to satellites. 2019
15 SocioEcoFrontiers Frontiers in social-ecological research: achieving the promise of integration in Marine Spatial Planning for resilient social and environmental outcomes 2020
16 ToMComputations How other minds are represented in the human brain: Neural computations underlying Theory of Mind 2019
17 TOM-E TOM-E is the first GPS navigation device that is the less expensive on the market and multimodal. With Tom-E, riding has never been easier. 2019