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H2020 projects about "toolsets"

The page lists 7 projects related to the topic "toolsets".

# achronym  title  year 
1 PeroxiSystem Systematic exploration of peroxisomal structure and function 2015
2 EMPATTICS EMpowering PAtients for a BeTTer Information and improvement of the Communication Systems 2016
3 ESROCOS European Space Robot Control Operating System 2016
4 MEL-Interactions An integrative approach for the exploration of melanoma genetic and immunological interactions 2018
5 GLYCO-WAY Glycomics of Winery Antimicrobial Yeast 2020
6 GEOPRO Accurate Geofluid Properties as key to Geothermal Process Optimisation 2019
7 DissectCMV Creating a comprehensive functional map of the viral and host factors in HCMV infection 2020