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H2020 projects about "vacancies"

The page lists 11 projects related to the topic "vacancies".

# achronym  title  year 
1 DYNURBAN Urban dynamics: learning from integrated models and big data 2016
2 CTFMAUTOMATION Automation of Correlative Optical Tweezers-Fluorescence Microscopy Experiments 2017
3 AIRE Artificial Intelligence for Recruitment Europe 2017
4 TRANSDESIGN Design of Phase Transition Kinetics in Non-Equilibrium Metals 2018
5 APOGEE Atomic-scale physics of single-photon sources. 2018
6 ESEARCH Direct Empirical Evidence on Labor Market Search Theories 2018
7 STELLAR multireSponsive hybrid Transition mEtaL dichaLcogenides-bAsed optoelectRonics – A European Fellowship for career development 2018
8 HydMet Fundamentals of Hydrogen in Structural Metals at the Atomic Scale 2018
9 FOXON Functionality of Oxide based devices under Electric-field: Towards Atomic-resolution Operando Nanoscopy 2018
10 DESIGN-EID Defect Simulation and Material Growth of III-V Nanostructures- European Industrial Doctorate Program 2020
11 AIRE AIRE_ Artificial Intelligence for Recruiting Europe + 2019