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H2020 projects about "bills"

The page lists 41 projects related to the topic "bills".

# achronym  title  year 
1 RAIS Scalable, point-of-care and label free microarray platform for rapid detection of Sepsis 2015
2 TOPTEN ACT Enabling consumer action towards top energy-efficient products 2015
3 SeagateSail 20% fuel saving for commercial vessels through a hybrid wind plus motor cruise mode. 2014
4 FINESSE Feasibility of an INnovative, Efficient, Solid State Energy saving system 2014
5 ETA4B Energy Trusted Advisor for Buildings 2015
6 SmartX SmartX is an innovative ICT platform for electricity demand-supply management 2015
7 OSS OpenSMESearch (OSS) 2015
8 Collect and Reflect Reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint by implementing Collect and Reflect(TM) blinds for solar energy collection and reflection (Collect and Reflect) 2015
9 TheCityGame pilot TheCityGame; Feasibility study and mini-pilots 2015
10 Andrupos Automatic non-destructive recognition of used printing techniques on substrates 2015
11 EnerSHIFT Energy Social Housing Innovative Financing Tender 2016
13 SMARTHE Smart thermostat èvolution 2016
14 Digiteal Digiteal: European Payment and e-Invoicing platform 2016
15 ECOVAPOR Cost-effective High-efficiency Smart Steam Boiler of Low Emission technology 2016
16 SLB-DES Second Life Batteries for Domestic Electricity Storage 2016
17 IE2advisor Intelligent Energy Efficiency Advisor 2016
18 W-THINK Smart Energy Management and Strategic Decision Making Platform 2017
19 E-APIS A smart, energy autonomous, universal and cost-effective dynamic passenger information system 2017
20 PassivDom Feasibility study for PassivDom – autonomous self-learning 3D-printed modular house 2017
21 Propelair The refinement, miniaturisation and demonstration of an ultra low flush toilet capable of saving 2.8 billion litres of clean, potable water being unnecessarily wasted in Europe every day. 2017
22 HyPump Enabling Sustainable Irrigation through Hydro-Powered Pumps for Canals 2017
23 AirEx AirEx - Smart Ventilation Control 2017
24 ECO2 Energy Conscious Consumers 2018
25 NanoPyroMat ZnS Wurtzite Nanotextured Ceramic Materials for Pyroelectric Energy Harvesting 2018
26 WasteWater Science A novel affordable, portable and autonomous wastewater treatment unit for the agriculture industry 2018
27 DEBS Significantly cheaper and cleaner energy from biomass combustion 2018
28 AlchemyML AlchemyML, The “One-Click Data-In Model-Out” 2018
29 Njord Rugged durable small wind turbine for powering telecom towers residential buildings in extreme weather conditions areas 2018
30 EnergyMate EnergyMate, the first energy efficiency-based software providing users an easy way to understand their energy consumptions 2018
31 E-BRAKE Design, Manufacturing and Qualification up to TRL5 of Innovative Electro-Mechanical BRAKE actuation System for SAT Application 2018
32 SunHorizon Sun coupled innovative Heat pumps 2018
33 VOLUMICO VOLUMe Induced micro-COgenerator for high energy efficiency of gas distribution networks 2018
34 TURNKEY RETROFIT TURNKEY solution for home RETROFITting 2019
35 HACKS Heating And Cooling Know-how and Solutions 2019
36 Ren-on-Bill Residential Building Energy Renovations with On-Bill Financing 2019
37 VALI Conversion of manure to energy with the VALI solution 2019
38 STEP Solutions to Tackle Energy Poverty 2019
39 LymphoDrain LymphoDrain: The definitive solution for chronic lymphedema 2019
40 EGO Portable EGO Portable: A Portable, small size, modular solar water heater suitable for different applications with do-it yourself installation 2019
41 HEATILE An innovative, thin and quick-to-install prefabricated Prefabricated ‘click-in’ underfloor heating system capable to be installed directly on the existing floor and connectable to the radiator system. 2019