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H2020 projects about "biomimicry"

The page lists 8 projects related to the topic "biomimicry".

# achronym  title  year 
1 ART-BONE Manufacturing of Artificial Bone for Repair and Regeneration of Large Osseous Defects 2018
2 ARC-for-CORE Artificial Compartment for Coenzyme Regeneration 2019
3 ArtHep Hepatocytes-Like Microreactors for Liver Tissue Engineering 2019
4 SUNRISE Solar Energy for a Circular Economy 2019
5 SNFWD A pH-Responsive Bionanohybrid Nanofibrous Wound Dressing 2019
6 GlucOrigami Modular DNA Origami Platform for the Design of Tunable Glucose Biosensor 2020
7 Bone3Dmatch Patient specific biomimetic materials for bone regeneration 2019
8 Turbulent A revolutionary HYDRO POWER technology to sustainably exploit super-low-head water steps 2019