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H2020 projects about "cardiff"

The page lists 15 projects related to the topic "cardiff".

# achronym  title  year 
1 BlackHoleMaps Mapping gravitational waves from collisions of black holes 2015
2 NPTC New Perspectives in Tropospheric Chemistry 2016
3 ZoomInTheDust Zoom-in on the dust-oscured phase of galaxy formation with gravitational lenses 2016
4 LoCo Low Coordinate Transition Metal Single Molecule Magnets 2017
5 USEMITE Ultimate growth characterization for development of new semiconductor technologies 2016
6 ExoSensor A Nano-photoelectric Exosome Biosensor for Point-of-care Diagnosis of Early-stage Cancer 2017
7 ILTIS Innate-Like T-Cells In Sepsis (ILTIS): Implications for Early Diagnosis and Rescue of Immune Suppression. 2017
8 ASISA Advanced Superlattice Infrared detectors for Space Applications 2017
9 SCOOP Innovation in Investigative Journalism 2017
10 RAINBOW Rapid Biomechanics Simulation for Personalized Clinical Design 2018
11 FLEXICAT Upgrading waste glycerol to essential chemicals 2018
12 PABLO Power Amplifier Design Through Behavioural Modelling 2019
13 WoodJam WoodJam—Sediment dynamics of instream wood jams and managed installations 2018
14 FUTURES FUTURES: Create. Imagine. Explore. 2018
15 WeCount WeCount: Citizens Observing UrbaN Transport 2019