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H2020 projects about "continually"

The page lists 39 projects related to the topic "continually".

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1 DREAM Deferred Restructuring of Experience in Autonomous Machines 2015
2 CAPTOR cAPTor captures Advanced System Threats 2014
3 URBANCO2FLUX Quantifying the impact of the urban biosphere on the net flux of CO2 from cities into the atmosphere. 2015
4 TEMPEA Temporality of permanence –material and socio-spatial practices in African urbanism 2015
5 DNA2REPAIR DNA strand break repair and links to human disease 2015
6 THERMOPLAST Adaptive plasticity meets unpredictability: how do organisms cope with changing environmental variability? 2016
7 FutureAgriculture Transforming the future of agriculture through synthetic photorespiration 2016
8 MultisensoryIntegration Multisensory Integration in Time and Space 2016
9 F2F Fusion-to-Fossil Heat Exchanger for Supercritical Power Plants 2016
10 JEM Phase 1 JEM: The world safest subcutaneous, enclosed, biocompatible implantable device, attached directly to a AV fistula or graft or vein, for chronic disease patients in need of repetitive vascular access 2016
11 PERCEPT The mind's eye: How expectation and attention shape perception 2016
12 SAFIRE Cloud-based Situational Analysis for Factories providing Real-time Reconfiguration Services 2016
13 Diet-namic From fast food to healthy diet: Addressing the dynamic molecular mechanism of sequential diet switch-induced T cell plasticity for the purpose of developing new treatments for immuno-mediated diseases 2016
14 FLEXNEURO Flexible and robust nervous system function from reconfiguring networks 2017
15 Circdyn Optical Interrogation of Hippocampal Dentate Granule Circuit Dynamics in Health and Disease 2017
16 LandsOfMeaning Lands of Meaning. A Geographical Information System Study of Space and Social Praxis in Ancient Attika, Greece, from the Mycenaean Age to the birth of Democracy (1200-480 BC) 2017
17 TIM-Adrastea “Thinking in Images. Herder’s Adrastea from 1801-03 up to nowadays” 2017
18 FUNCOPLAN Functions of plasticity in adult-born neurons 2017
19 SynVaccine Rational Design and Construction of Viral Based Products 2017
20 NOMAD Nondestructive Evaluation (NDE) System for the Inspection of Operation-Induced Material Degradation in Nuclear Power Plants 2017
21 CAPSYS Capillary systems for advanced point-of-care diagnostics 2018
22 Sana Sleep on Command: a breakthrough technology for sleep, pain relief, enhanced performance and regenerative health. 2017
23 TiMMi Transport Making CO2-free city logistics a reality 2018
24 ENVIROSTOME Exploring the contribution of bacteriophages to the emergence and spread of antibiotic resistance in environmental settings 2019
25 EvolBehavGenArch The composition and evolution of C. elegans behavioural genetic architectures 2018
26 LIAE Laughing in an Emergency: Humour, Cultural Resilience and Contemporary Art 2018
27 SafeMobile Monitor the attacks, not the children - an innovative cloud platform designed to effectively identify and combat cyberbullying events while protecting children’s privacy. 2018
28 TROMPA Towards Richer Online Music Public-domain Archives 2018
29 DARE Disability Advocacy Research in Europe 2019
30 ScaleML Elastic Coordination for Scalable Machine Learning 2019
31 CELL-in-CELL Understanding host cellular systems that drive an endosymbiotic interaction 2019
32 Diramics InP HEMT technology for Ultra-Low-Noise Amplifiers 2019
33 OBJECTPERMOD Explaining object permanence with a deep recurrent neural network model of human cortical visual cognition 2019
34 EAVESDROP Experimental access to volcanic eruptions: Driving Observational Potential 2019
35 Terrabio The first portable genetic analyser for crop pathogen detection 2019
36 DEEP PURPLE DEEP PURPLE: darkening of the Greenland Ice Sheet 2020
37 CRITICAL When Flows Turn Turbulent in the Supercritical Fluid Region 2020
38 CREMLINplus Connecting Russian and European Measures for Large-scale Research Infrastructures - plus 2020
39 PostGro Towards a postgrowth economics: A viable postgrowth economy without increasing inequality 2020