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H2020 projects about "csi"

The page lists 9 projects related to the topic "csi".

# achronym  title  year 
1 NICHE Navigating and Innovating in Complex Healthcare Ecosystems 2015
2 BIG IoT BIG IoT - Bridging the Interoperability Gap of the Internet of Things 2016
3 EQUAL-IST Gender Equality Plans for Information Sciences and Technology Research Institutions 2016
4 CSI.interface A molecular interface science approach: Decoding single molecular reactions and interactions at dynamic solid/liquid interfaces 2016
5 CSI-Fun Chronic Systemic Inflammation: Functional organ cross-talk in inflammatory disease and cancer 2018
6 FORCe Forensic Culture. A Comparative Analysis of Forensic Practices in Europe, 1930-2000 2018
7 Sex-Assault-ID Crime Scene Presumptive Sperm Identification Test for Sexual Assault Evidence and DNA Collection 2018
8 CSI AurkA-MYC Conformational Shift Inducers (CSI): An atomistic level investigation of Aurora kinase A (AurkA)–MYC interaction and its distortion by CSI compounds 2019
9 CSI-COP Citizen Scientists Investigating Cookies and App GDPR compliance 2020