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H2020 projects about "determining"

The page lists 19 projects related to the topic "determining".

# achronym  title  year 
1 ImmunoAgeing An integrated approach to dissect determinants, risk factors and pathways of ageing of the immune system. 2015
2 BCELLMECHANICS Regulation of antibody responses by B cell mechanical activity 2015
3 SHARP Southern Ocean and Antarctic Climatic Phasing:Tephrochronological Correlation of Southern Ocean Marine Records and Antarctic Ice-cores 2016
4 MCTRinIA Resolution Pharmacology and Physiology of MCTR in Arthritis 2016
5 ApeAttachment Are social skills determined by early live experiences? 2016
6 NESPINT NEutron Spectrometry to Prevent Illicit Nuclear Trafficking 2017
7 DIMO6FIT DIMO6FIT: Extending the Standard Model -- Global Fits of Optimal Variables in Diboson Production 2017
8 HANNOVER Hannover – automatic monitoring of horses 2017
9 NUMELAT Numbers in the brain: the impact of brain lateralization on numerical abilities 2018
10 SOFTWATER Soft Water: understanding what makes a fluid behave like water 2018
11 HIV ECLIPSE HIV-1 acquisition and the future of prevention strategies: deciphering the eclipse phase through modelling and phylogenetics 2018
12 PLABOR Platform Labor: Digital transformations of work and livelihood in post-welfare societies 2018
13 GENIUS Gaussian entropic inequalities and uncertainty relations for communication and secure quantum key distribution 2018
14 AlgSignSen The Algebraic Geometry of Chemical Reaction Networks: Structural conditions for uniquely determined Sign-sensitivities. 2019
15 qMAR Quantification of the intestinal load of a targeted set of resistance genes to Monitor Antibiotic Resistance in paediatric transplant patients 2018
16 DECISIONSEQ Neural bases of behavioral choices and sequences 2018
17 MiCaBra Mitochondrial Cannabinoid Receptors in the Brain 2018
18 SUPERSPEC Three-dimensional spectral modelling of astrophysical transients : unravelling the nucleosynthetic content of supernovae and kilonovae 2019
19 Cu4Peroxide The electrochemical synthesis of hydrogen peroxide 2020