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H2020 projects about "disintegration"

The page lists 16 projects related to the topic "disintegration".

# achronym  title  year 
1 NEUCOS Neutrinos and the origin of the cosmic rays 2015
2 EFTA DEVELOPMENT The ‘other’ Europe: the formation and development of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), 1958–92 2016
3 ValChem ValChem - Value added Chemical building blocks and lignin from wood 2015
4 NEGEVBYZ Crisis on the margins of the Byzantine Empire: A bio-archaeological project on resilience and collapse in early Christian development of the Negev Desert 2015
5 BRIDGE Bridging the gap: The Lost Centuries of Cypriot Archaeology between Rome and the Crusaders 2016
6 SDD Spirits of Displacement and Diaspora 2017
7 HERA-JRP-PS HERA Joint Research Programme Public Spaces: Culture and Integration in Europe 2017
8 Supra-Nat A principal-based EU challenge to East Central European judicial interpretation of constitutional identity 2019
9 EURJAZZ The Europeanisation of Jazz during the Interwar Period: Beyond National Narratives 2018
10 SpoilsofWAR Spoils of War: The Economic Consequences of the Great War in Central Europe 2019
11 EU IDEA EU Integration and Differentiation for Effectiveness and Accountability 2019
12 triboREMEDY The triboreactor as breakthrough remediation strategy for safeguarding human and environmental health 2019
13 DISINTEGRATION The Mass Politics of Disintegration 2019
14 DISMAC-Y State disintegration in the context of macroeconomic crisis - the case of Yugoslavia 2019
15 BioICEP Bio Innovation of a Circular Economy for Plastics 2020
16 UCL Unmanned Chemical Lab (UCL): autonomous control system for the remote management of soluble and emulsifiable metalworking fluids 2019