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H2020 projects about "disks"

The page lists 41 projects related to the topic "disks".

# achronym  title  year 
1 GalNUC Astrophysical Dynamics and Statistical Physics of Galactic Nuclei 2015
2 LITHIUM From planetary birth with aperture masking interferometry to nulling with Lithium Niobate technology 2015
3 CSF From Cloud to Star Formation 2015
4 REGMat Rotational effects on strongly gravitating systems with matter 2015
5 TMSP Mass accretion and ejection in transitional millisecond pulsars 2016
6 GESTATE testinG massivE STar formATion modEis 2015
7 QUANTUMMETALINK Quantum Metamaterials: A Theoretical and Computational Approach Towards Seamlessly Integrated Hybrid Classical/Quantum Nano-structures 2015
8 MaGRaTh Matter and strong-field gravity: New frontiers in Einstein’s theory 2015
9 DataNimbus Feasibility study of a new tool for managing, processing, sharing and transferring huge amounts of scientific data (DataNimbus) 2015
10 FALCONER Forging Advanced Liquid-Crystal Coronagraphs Optimized for Novel Exoplanet Research 2016
11 BIRDS Bioinformatics and Information Retrieval Data Structures Analysis and Design 2016
12 MagneticYSOs Interpreting Dust Polarization Maps to Characterize the Role of the Magnetic Field in Star Formation Processes 2016
13 DefAlgS Deformation theory of algebraic structures 2016
14 PROSIT Integration of a property simulation tool for virtual design and manufacturing of forged disks for aero engine applications 2016
15 DustPrints Dusting for the Fingerprints of Planet Formation 2017
16 SACCRED Structured ACCREtion Disks: initial conditions for planet formation in the time domain 2017
17 EMPIRE Galaxy Evolution in the ALMA Era - The Baryon Cycle and Star Formation in Nearby Galaxies 2017
18 ICED Initial conditions of exoplanet formation in protoplanetary disks 2017
19 SPIDI Star-Planet-Inner Disk Interactions (SPIDI): unveiling the formation and evolution of inner planetary systems 2018
20 EASY Ejection Accretion Structures in YSOs (EASY) 2017
21 DISCO Decoding planetary compositions using observations and modelling of planet-forming disks 2017
22 UFOS Unveiling Planet Formation by Observations and Simulations 2018
23 FunFiCO Fundamental fields and compact objects: theory and astrophysical phenomenology 2017
24 MRI-Turbulent-Disk Turbulence in Accretion Disks – New Perspectives 2018
25 FeaGatSu Feature-gating in superior colliculus 2018
26 ASPIDE ASPIDE: exAScale ProgramIng models for extreme Data procEssing 2018
27 SALUS Portable, high-performance, and all-in-one digital data recovery lab for digital forensics to greatly enhance efficiency and capabilities of European investigation authorities 2018
28 EPOCHS The Formation of the First Galaxies and Reionization with the James Webb Space Telescope 2020
29 QBH Structure The Quantum Structure of Black Holes and the Recovery of Information 2019
30 IDERPLANE Innovative DEsign for Reliable PLANEt bearings 2018
31 ROLL-IT Radically innovative technology for efficient manufacturing of preforms for ceramic matrix composite (CMC) brake disks 2018
32 Dust2Planets Unveiling the role of X-rays in protoplanetary disks via laboratory astrophysics 2020
33 GASP GAs Stripping Phenomena in galaxies 2019
34 kelbus2 Experimental and numerical study of long runout landslides 2020
35 Origins From Planet-Forming Disks to Giant Planets 2019
36 DISKtoHALO From the accretion disk to the cluster halo: the multi-scale physics of black hole feedback 2019
37 PEROGAN Novel Light Emitters based on Nanostructures of III-Nitrides and Lead Halide Perovskite Nanocrystals 2020
38 PEROGAN Novel Light Emitters based on Nanostructures of III-Nitrides and Lead Halide Perovskite Nanocrystals 2020
39 CHAMELEON Virtual Laboratories for Exoplanets and Planet Forming Disks 2020
40 ECOGAL Understanding our Galactic ecosystem: From the disk of the Milky Way to the formation sites of stars and planets 2020
41 ICEDRAGON Modelling of dust formation and chemistry in AGB outflows and disks 2020