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H2020 projects about "disulfide"

The page lists 11 projects related to the topic "disulfide".

# achronym  title  year 
1 gluactive Activation Mechanism of a Glutamate Receptor 2015
2 MECHANOPROTEASES Single Molecule Study of Protease Mechano-Specificity 2015
3 MACROIMAGING Specific Fluorogenic Peptides for Imaging Metastasis-associated Macrophages 2015
4 LENSD Liquid Exfoliation of Nanomaterials using Spinning Discs 2017
5 PROFOLIG Covalent-ligation-assisted elucidation of protein-aromatic foldamer interactions 2017
6 PlaN Vibrational Polariton Nonlinear Optics and Chemistry 2017
7 PSR Photometabolic Self-Replication 2019
8 NSFTA New Strategies For Therapeutic Antibodies – Synthetic bispecific antibodies & Antibody-Drug Conjugates with controlled drug loading. General methods for unexplored ADCs and personalised therapies. 2020
9 PEPREP Peptide based self-replicating coacervate protocells 2019
10 TVARC An innovative solid lubricant based nano-dimensional coatings for industrial production 2019
11 SupraRNA A Comprehensive Supramolecular Approach for an RNA vaccine for Influenza A (H1N1) 2020