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H2020 projects about "entrainment"

The page lists 23 projects related to the topic "entrainment".

# achronym  title  year 
1 socSMCs Socialising Sensori-Motor Contingencies 2015
2 DANCE Dancing in the Dark 2015
3 Clock Mechanics Mechanosensation and the circadian clock: a reciprocal analysis 2015
4 MAMSIE Mixing and Angular Momentum tranSport of massIvE stars 2016
5 ITPF Interfaces in Turbulent Premixed Flames (ITPF) 2016
6 AVISSO Audiovisual Speech Segmentation and Oscillations 2016
7 BABYRHYTHM Oscillatory Rhythmic Entrainment and the Foundations of Language Acquisition 2016
8 ACRONAM-Speech Assessing Causal Relationships of Oscillatory Neural Activity Mediating Speech 2018
9 MAWAMOSCA Mass-waste modelling across scales 2017
10 ZNEOPSIN_II The role of novel opsins in non-visual light detection in the zebrafish brain 2018
11 OptimisingIDS Optimisation of the linguistic input in the first years of life 2018
12 DUST.ES Addressing key uncertainties in mineral DUST EmiSsion modelling to better constrain the global dust cycle 2018
13 EAR-DNA childrEn and Adults heaRing in noise: individual Differences in the Neurophysiology of Audition 2019
14 ENAMARE Enactive model of aesthetic perception through rhythm and entrainment 2018
15 KeepTimeWithTheHeat Keeping in time with the heat: how oscillating temperatures set the plant circadian clock 2018
16 EnTimeMent EnTimeMent - ENtrainment and synchronization at multiple TIME scales in the MENTal foundations of expressive gesture 2019
17 Rhythm and Brains How musical rhythm moves humans: functionalmechanisms of entrainment and perception-action coupling 2019
18 BRAINSYNC Brain-environment synchrony and the auditory perception problem 2019
19 LHP-C-H-PLATE-4-DC A Novel Loop-Heat-Pipe (LHP)-based Data Centre Heat Removal and Recovery System Employing the Micro-channels Cold/Hot Plates 2019
20 STEP Solving The Entrainment Puzzle 2019
21 Train2Wind Training school on entrainment in offshore wind power 2020
22 CollectiveDynamics Collective signaling oscillations in embryonic patterning – revealing underlying principles 2020
23 UCAS Understanding Clouds Across Scales 2020