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H2020 projects about "fock"

The page lists 9 projects related to the topic "fock".

# achronym  title  year 
1 BIVAQUM Bivariational Approximations in Quantum Mechanics and Applications to Quantum Chemistry 2015
2 EPICA Exploring Photon-photon Interactions with Cold Rydberg Atoms 2015
3 QuDeT Quantum devices in topological matter: carbon nanotubes, graphene, and novel superfluids 2016
4 GeNoSOS Generation of Non-classical States in Optomechanical Systems 2016
5 QHYDRO Quantum Hydrodynamics: Applications to nanoplasmonics 2016
6 QUCLN Quantum control of levitated nanoparticles 2017
7 Q-ROOT Quantum optomechanics at ROOm Temperature 2018
8 MAGSPEC Spectra of Molecules in Strong Magnetic Fields 2018
9 MaMBoQ Macroscopic Behavior of Many-Body Quantum Systems 2019