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H2020 projects about "impulses"

The page lists 13 projects related to the topic "impulses".

# achronym  title  year 
1 Rheform Replacement of hydrazine for orbital and launcher propulsion systems 2015
2 EpiPredict Epigenetic regulation of endocrine therapy resistance in breast cancer: A systems medicine approach to predict treatment outcome 2015
3 Myelination Cell biology of myelin wrapping, plasticity and turnover 2015
4 U_CODE Urban Collective Design Environment: A new tool for enabling expert planners to co-create and communicate with citizens in urban design 2016
5 EDOR BOX Electrodermal Orienting Reactivity-based Safeguard System for Early Detection of Suicide Propensity 2016
6 BIOTOMATO Certificatorio with mineral in tomato cherry, Solanum lycopersicum L., with interest for human nutrition 2017
7 SELFCONTROLHEALTH Childhood Self-Control, Social Conditions, and Adult Health 2018
8 DEVBRAINTRAIN Neurocognitive mechanisms of inhibitory control training and transfer effects in children 2017
9 CRAACE Continuity and Rupture in Central European Art and Architecture, 1918-1939 2018
10 VHH Visual History of the Holocaust: Rethinking Curation in the Digital Age 2019
11 Hearing Contacts Contact Lenses for the Ear - Invisibly providing natural hearing experience for Europe's 52 million hearing-impaired people 2019
12 HepEDOT Conductive, self-doping and biodegradable oligoEDOT-heparin biomaterial for improved electromechanical coupling, cardiac cell retention and delivery of paracrine factors 2019
13 ProExcer Projectile exciter for noiseless environment 2020