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H2020 projects about "indium"

The page lists 29 projects related to the topic "indium".

# achronym  title  year 
1 INREP Towards Indium free TCOs 2015
2 INFINITY Indium-Free Transparent Conductive Oxides for Glass and Plastic Substrates 2014
3 iBoard Large scale interactive multi-touch displays 2014
4 HYDIN Experimental constraints on indium transport in hydrothermal systems 2016
5 PINC Towards p-type conductivity in In0.5Ga0.5N nanocolumns on a Si (100) substrate with GaN buffer layers 2015
6 LANDS Large Area Nanoparticle Deposition System 2015
7 CENSZ CENSZ – Critical Elements in Nonsulphide Zinc Deposits 2015
8 LEO Low-cost / energy Efficient Oleds for lighting 2015
10 WIPE Wafer scale Integration of Photonics and Electronics 2016
11 PRISTINE Improved production of low cost silver nanowires 2016
12 SOLCRIMET Solvometallurgy for critical metals 2016
13 CLEARSILVER Industrial manufacturing of conductive, transparent and flexible electrodes with nanoinks fororganic electronic devices such as OPV and OLED lighting 2016
14 FLICs Enabling flexible integrated circuits and applications 2017
15 XTPL XTPL - A new generation of TCF layers for use in displays and thin film photovoltaic cells 2017
16 PCBRec PCBRec process: Waste Printed Circuit Board (WPCB) Recycling with Molten Salts 2017
17 SQALE Integrating Superconducting Qubits with Two-dimensional Electron Systems 2017
18 X-MINE Real-Time Mineral X-Ray Analysis for Efficient and Sustainable Mining 2017
19 e.THROUGH Thinking rough towards sustainability 2018
20 Diramics InP HEMT technology for Ultra-Low-Noise Amplifiers 2019
21 perovskites-NMR Atomic-level characterization of multi-component perovskite materials for optoelectronic applications 2019
22 ION4RAW Ionometallurgy of primary sources for an enhanced raw materials recovery 2019
23 iNano Inverted core/shell Nanocrystals: the future Nanomaterial for the Visualization of Neuron activity 2019
24 Perovskite-QDD Innovative Quantum Dot material technology for stunning colours and energy efficiency in QLED televisions 2019
25 IMOS4ALL InP Membrane on Silicon technology for a broad range of applications 2019
26 SmartPhotonics Facilitating photonics innovation, through a modular, integration technology platform 2019
27 DRIVE-In Integrated Photonics for the next generation of autonomous Vehicles using InP technologies 2019
28 UNIFY UNconventional Integrated quantum nanophotonic sources From spontaneous sYmmetry breaking 2019
29 TALNET Transparent Aluminium Networks 2020