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H2020 projects about "modifier"

The page lists 14 projects related to the topic "modifier".

# achronym  title  year 
1 EARLYSTART Short and long-term consequences of the early environment 2015
2 MIRAGE MicroRNAs as therapeutic targets for ARVC. 2015
3 SUMOblock Blocking SUMO conjugation as drug discovery strategy. 2015
4 ZMOD Blood Vessel Development and Homeostasis: Identification and Functional Analysis of Genetic Modifiers 2016
5 LSDiASD Leveraging Small Demethylase inhibitors for Autism Spectrum Disorder 2016
6 GreenDrive A molecular fuel modifier for ships able to reduce the costs related to fuel and maintenance for fleet operators. 2016
7 LysoMod Genetic and Small Molecule Modifiers of Lysosomal Function 2017
8 CROSS Cryogenic Rare-event Observatory with Surface Sensitivity 2018
9 ECOMOBI Eco-friendly Modification of Bitumen (ECOMOBI). Recycling end of life tyres into an efficient bitumen modifier 2017
10 HD-DittoGraph HD-DittoGraph: a digital human Embryonic Stem Cell platform for Huntington's repeats 2018
11 DIM Decoding ISGylation events in Macrophages 2018
12 EPICROP Dissecting epistasis for enhanced crop productivity 2019
13 bECOMiNG spontaneous Evolution and Clonal heterOgeneity in MoNoclonal Gammopathies: from mechanisms of progression to clinical management 2019
14 AgePhagy An integrated high-throughput human cell and Drosophila screening platform for the expedited discovery of anti-ageing compounds 2019