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H2020 projects about "rounded"

The page lists 12 projects related to the topic "rounded".

# achronym  title  year 
1 IDEAS Improving Design, Evaluation and Analysis of early drug development Studies 2015
2 BIOGEL Engineering responsive and biomimetic hydrogels for biomedical therapeutic and diagnostic applications 2015
3 PRe-FActo Periodontal Regeneration through Femtosecond laser Action 2016
4 SLIM Synthetic Lethal Interactions with nucleophosMin 1 2016
5 BonE-GraphT Ti-Graphene Bone Tissue Template Engineering 2017
6 CAT-FFLAP Catastrophic Failure in Flexural Lattice Problems 2017
7 MesoBrainMicr Novel high speed and high resolution microscopy setup for cytoarchitectonic studies of mesoscale sized human brain tissues, healthy and affected by Focal Cortical Dysplasia 2018
8 NanoMechShape Molecular control of actin network architecture and mechanics during cell shape changes 2019
9 5G-ACE Beyond 5G: 3D Network Modelling for THz-based Ultra-Fast Small Cells 2019
10 MESOPOLIT Literacy in the Old Babylonian City of Nippur 2020
11 proEVLifeCycle The life cycle of extracellular vesicles in prostate cancer: from biogenesis and homing, to functional relevance 2019
12 DeFacto Design Automation for Smart Factories 2020