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H2020 projects about "ruthenium"

The page lists 14 projects related to the topic "ruthenium".

# achronym  title  year 
1 UFOX Unveiling complexity in Functional hybrid OXides 2015
2 CoopClickCat CoopClickCat 2015
3 CyclAr Cyclic Arylenevinylene Polymers 2016
4 CO2-RR-MODCAT Towards the discovery of efficient CO2 electroreduction catalysts: well-defined RuOx and MoSx nano catalysts 2016
5 CATLIGCAR Designing Novel Efficient Catalytic Strategies for the Transformation of Lignocellulose into Lignin-derived Chemicals and Valorisable Carbohydrates 2017
6 HypoRuLight Hypoxic Tumour Models for Photoactivatable Ruthenium-based Chemotherapy 2017
7 CylcoRu4PACT Cyclometallated ruthenium complexes for photo-activated chemotherapy 2018
8 DCMeta Dual Catalysis for Meta Functionalisation under Mild Conditions 2019
9 3D-CAP 3D micro-supercapacitors for embedded electronics 2018
10 RuZn Ru–Zn Heterobimetallic Complexes 2018
11 MOSPhotocat Application of Metal Oxide Semiconductors in Photocatalysis 2018
12 SUPRAWOC Supramolecular Architectures for Ruthenium Water Oxidation Catalysis 2018
13 RuCat New Horizons in C–H Activation: the ‘Real-World Molecules’ Challenge 2019
14 CATALYSTNH3SYNTHESIS Synthetically Tuned Atomic Ordering and Electronic Properties of Nano-Intermetallic Compounds for the Ammonia Synthesis. 2019