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H2020 projects about "sentence"

The page lists 26 projects related to the topic "sentence".

# achronym  title  year 
1 ARIA-VALUSPA Artificial Retrieval of Information Assistants - Virtual Agents with Linguistic Understanding, Social skills, and Personalised Aspects 2015
2 TIME Time of damage in classic galactosemia: is prenatal toxicity a determinant factor? 2015
3 Modeling ERPs Combining electrophysiology and cognitive computational modeling in research on meaning in language 2015
4 ProLeMAS ProLeMAS: PROcessing LEgal language in normative Multi-Agent Systems 2015
5 QuModQu Quantification and modality in the realm of questions 2016
6 FAHMRRR Focus alternatives in the human mind: Retrieval, representation, and recall 2016
7 CLASS Cross-Linguistic Acquisition of Sentence Structure: Integrating Experimental and Computational Approaches 2016
8 SocialAccent The impact of foreign accent on social interaction and cognitive processes. 2017
9 CoSaQ Cognitive Semantics and Quantities 2017
10 BilProcess French-English bilinguals' processing of morphosyntactic structures: the case of cross-linguistic transfer 2017
11 POP-R Parallel Orthographic Processing and Reading 2017
12 LexsemLexcat The lexical semantics of lexical categories 2018
13 ExoSonic A microfluidic chip for non-invasive, early detection of pancreatic cancer – liquid biopsy 2018
14 FoTran Found in Translation – Natural Language Understanding with Cross-Lingual Grounding 2018
15 KILNEV Killing Senescent Cells as a Novel Method to Eliminate Nevi 2018
16 TRUST Truth and Semantics 2018
17 SHARPER Sharing Researchers’ Passion for Evidences and Resilience 2018
18 CloudButton Serverless Data Analytics Platform 2019
19 MTrill Machine Translation Impact on Language Learning 2019
20 T-LICS Transfer of Linguistic Intonation in Contact Situations 2019
21 ProResA The time course of pronoun resolution in post-stroke and progressive aphasia 2020
22 SEBAMAT Semantics-Based Machine Translation 2020
23 MechanoGPER Development of GPER agonists as a novel therapeutic option for pancreatic cancer 2019
24 DEFGROUP Definable and pseudofinite groups 2020
25 PHAROS Physical Architecture Optimization System 2019
26 IndeSent IndeSent: Indeterminate sentencing and imprisonment – an interdisciplinary study of the experiences of court processes and prison practices 2021