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H2020 projects about "ssh"

The page lists 39 projects related to the topic "ssh".

# achronym  title  year 
1 RRI-ICT Forum Supporting and promoting responsible research and innovation in ICT 2015
2 NET4SOCIETY4 Transnational network of National Contact Points (NCPs) of Societal Challenge 6 'Europe in a changing world - inclusive, innovative and reflective Societies' (SC6) 2015
3 TOCNeT Teaching Old Crypto New Tricks 2016
4 ACCOMPLISSH Accelerate co-creation by setting up a multi-actor platform for impact from Social Sciences and Humanities 2016
5 POMEGRANATE Practice-Oriented Security Models and Granular Designs for Future-Proof Authenticated Encryption 2017
6 SK PRES SSH Social Sciences and Humanities: a New Agenda for Europe's Challenges 2016
7 GEM-STONES Globalisation, Europe and Multilateralism - Sophistication of the Transnational Order, Networks and European Strategies 2016
8 REELER Responsible Ethical Learning with Robotics 2017
9 VIRT-EU Values and ethics in Innovation for Responsible Technology in EUrope 2017
10 Gaming Horizons Gaming Horizons 2016
11 SHAPE-ENERGY Social Sciences and Humanities for Advancing Policy in European Energy 2017
12 OPERAS-D Design for Open access Publications in European Research Areas for Social Sciences and Humanities 2017
13 U4IoT User Engagement for Large Scale Pilots in the Internet of Things 2017
14 HIRMEOS High Integration of Research Monographs in the European Open Science infrastructure 2017
15 CANDID Checking Assumptions aND promoting responsibility In smart Development projects 2017
17 NATURVATION Nature Based Urban Innovation 2016
18 EoC Ethics of Coding: A Report on the Algorithmic Condition 2017
19 TRUESSEC.EU TRUst-Enhancing certified Solutions for SEcurity and protection of Citizens’ rights in digital Europe 2017
20 INSPIrE Intellectuals in History: Political Process and Cultural Impacts in Medieval Europe (14th and 15th centuries) 2017
21 HubIT The HUB for boosting the Responsibility and inclusiveness of ICT enabled Research and Innovation through constructive interactions with SSH research 2017
22 ABC-SALT Advanced Biomass Catalytic Conversion to Middle Distillates in Molten Salts 2018
23 JOINTIME Connecting Bronze Age Europe: High-precision Radiocarbon Dating 1700-1500 BCE 2018
24 LAST-JD-RIoE Law, Science and Technology Joint Doctorate: Rights of the Internet of Everything 2019
25 SSH Impact Conference on the “Impact of Social Sciences and Humanities for a European Research Agenda - Valuation of SSH research in mission-oriented research” 2018
26 Energy-SHIFTS Energy Social sciences & Humanities Innovation Forum Targeting the SET-Plan 2019
27 CAPTURE CApturing Paradata for documenTing data creation and Use for the REsearch of the future 2019
28 SSHOC Social Sciences & Humanities Open Cloud 2019
29 Net4Society5 National Contact Points (NCPs) Network of Societal Challenge 6 'Europe in a changing world – inclusive, innovative and reflective Societies' (SC6) 2019
30 SMAGRINET Smart grid competence hub for boosting research, innovation and educational capacities for energy transition 2019
31 ASSET A holistic and Scalable Solution for Research, Innovation and Education in Energy Transition 2019
32 CVD_CysSSSCys Investigating the Therapeutic Potential of Persulfides: Implications of their Roles in Cardiovascular Disease 2019
33 3D DMX Demonstration in Dunkirk 2019
34 TWINNIMS Increasing the scientific excellence and technological innovation capacity in Functional Materials for Medical Devices and Robotics of the University of Tartu 2019
35 TRIPLE Transforming Research through Innovative Practices for Linked interdisciplinary Exploration 2019
36 EPICA Improved Credentialess and Secure Cloud Access 2019
37 TOKEN Transformative Impact Of BlocKchain tEchnologies iN Public Services 2020
38 TRESCA Trustworthy, Reliable and Engaging Scientific Communication Approaches 2020
39 OPERAS-P Preparing open access in the european research area through scholarly communication 2019