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H2020 projects about "superfluid"

The page lists 27 projects related to the topic "superfluid".

# achronym  title  year 
1 PoLiChroM Superfluidity and ferromagnetism of unequal mass fermions with two- and three-body resonant interactions 2015
2 SOUNDCONE Scattering and Amplification of fundamental photonic-hydrodynamic excitations in Kerr non-linear media 2015
3 Topological superfluidity Topological superfluidity in ultracold gas of Dysprosium atoms 2015
4 QuDeT Quantum devices in topological matter: carbon nanotubes, graphene, and novel superfluids 2016
5 WATU Wave turbulence: beyond weak turbulence 2015
6 ULT-NEMS Ultra-Cold Nano-Mechanics: from Classical to Quantum Complexity 2015
7 DIPPHASE Exotic quantum phases with dipolar Fermi gases of spin-polarized Erbium atoms in reduced dimensions 2016
8 Spin1D Spinor Bose Gases in 1D: Equilibrium properties, Dynamics, and Spin-orbit coupling 2016
9 FLATOPS Flat bands and topology in superconductive materials 2016
10 COCONIS Coherent multidimensional spectroscopy of controlled isolated systems 2016
11 Super-DENSE Superfluid dynamics of neutron star crusts and cores 2016
12 TOPVAC From Topological Matter to Relativistic Quantum Vacuum 2016
13 SCOUTFermi2D Strongly correlated ultracold fermions in two-dimensional tailored optical potentials: pairing, superfluidity and disorder 2016
14 TopSpiD Topological states with Spin-Dependent potentials for ultracold lithium 2018
15 CRITISUP2 Criticality and Dual Superfluidity 2017
16 TransQ Mass, heat and spin transport in interlinked quantum gases 2017
17 TOPODY Exploring topological matter with atomic Dysprosium 2018
18 QSIMCORR Quantum Simulation of Strongly-Correlated Systems 2018
19 ARTES AntifeRromagnetic spin Transport and Switching 2019
20 NOMLI NanoOptoMechanics in classical and quantum Liquids 2018
22 PhoQuS Photons for Quantum Simulation 2018
23 MesoPhone Vibrating carbon nanotubes for probing quantum systems at the mesoscale 2019
24 VorDIST Quantum transport in a disordered two-dimensional ultracold Fermi gas 2019
25 GREATDIGINTHESKY Accelerating Galactic Archaeology 2019
26 SIMIS Strongly Interacting Mass Imbalanced Superfluid with ultracold fermions 2020
27 CriLiN An Atomic Quantum Simulator with long-range, multi-body interactions 2020