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H2020 projects about "tactics"

The page lists 29 projects related to the topic "tactics".

# achronym  title  year 
1 DiscardLess DiscardLess – Strategies for the gradual elimination of discards in European fisheries 2015
2 ALH Alternative life histories: linking genes to phenotypes to demography 2015
3 Transnat_farright Transnational nationalism. Far-Right Nationalist Groups in East Central Europe in the 20th and 21st centuries 2015
4 FUTURESYRIA Mapping an uncertain future: Social and spatial change in conflicting Syria 2015
5 DICTAPLOMACY The international dimensions of authoritarian regime survival: comparing “dictaplomatic” strategies in post-Soviet Eurasia 2015
6 BRACE Breaking down arenavirus cell entry 2015
7 ArtEmpire An ARTery of EMPIRE. Conquest, Commerce, Crisis, Culture and the Panamanian Junction (1513-1671) 2016
8 TACTICS Transferring Activomics into the Clinical Setting 2015
9 GTCMR Global Terrorism and Collective Moral Responsibility: Redesigning Military, Police and Intelligence Institutions in Liberal Democracies 2016
10 TBO-MET Meteorological Uncertainty Management for Trajectory Based Operations 2016
11 ConflictNET The Politics and Practice of Social Media in Conflict 2017
12 SOUNDBITES Sound it out: inferring foraging ecology from a predator-embarked acoustic recorder 2018
13 CARERA Information Day for Hungarian students and young researchers on career possibilities in the European Research Area 2017
14 CANT Prepared for Every Fortune:Cynicism as an Analytical and Normative Perspective in Democratic Theory 2017
15 HATCH SME-led Space Portal for Europe 2017
16 DICTATOREXPERIENCE Dictatorship as experience: a comparative history of everyday life and the 'lived experience' of dictatorship in Mediterranean Europe (1922-1975) 2018
17 BCPPlus New directions in bicyclopentane research 2018
18 ReCitYu Reclaiming the Cities in the post-Yugoslav space 2018
19 PFoGMH The Prussian Fathers of Greek Military History 2018
20 PhotoCuRiOT Visible Light-Mediated Copper Photoredox-Catalyzed Ring-Opening Transformations of Activated Small Ring Aza-Heterocycles and Carbacycles 2018
21 ET-PHOTOX Functionalization of ethereal C-O Bonds Enabled by Metallaphotoredox Catalysis 2018
22 MicroWars The Evolution of Bacterial Warfare 2018
23 Sleepwise Non-intrusive solution for Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome 2018
24 HyTunnel-CS PNR for safety of hydrogen driven vehicles and transport through tunnels and similar confined spaces 2019
25 FASTER First responder Advanced technologies for Safe and efficienT Emergency Response 2019
26 hystrix A cost efficient, transparent and affordable digital procurement marketplace that allows MedTech industry and Hospitals to accelerate everyday processes 2019
27 Keemotion Auto-Producing TV Broadcasting System for Sport Events 2019
28 HyResponder European Hydrogen Train the Trainer Programme for Responders 2020
29 BALTIC Machine learning based analytics for bacteria cell cycle characterization using super resolution microscopy 2020