Progetti FP7 coordinati da "Cest kompetenzzentrum fur elektrochemische oberflachentechnologie gmbh"

# progetto  anno  totale costo  contributi 
1 TARTASEAL Chromate free and energy efficient sealing of TSA anodic films for corrosion protection 2011 100˙000.00 75˙000.00
2 SAA-SEAL Corrosion protection of Aluminium unpainted parts: development of an appropriated Cr free sealing process on thin SAA layer (≤5 µm) 2012 239˙981.00 179˙985.00
3 CHROMFREE Chromium free surface pre-treatments and sealing of Tartaric Sulphuric Anodizing 2013 150˙000.00 112˙500.00
4 VALIDATETSAA Validate of TSAA coating technology. Development of procedures and standards manual. Technical and economical study 2013 100˙000.00 68˙455.00

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