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H2020 projects about "auditing"

The page lists 30 projects related to the topic "auditing".

# achronym  title  year 
1 CASTELLANY ACCOUNTS Record-keeping, fiscal reform, and the rise of institutional accountability in late-medieval Savoy: a source-oriented approach 2015
3 OPERANDO Online Privacy Enforcement, Rights Assurance and Optimization 2015
4 mainDSS Intelligent maintenance Decision Support System for the industry 2015
6 CLAPPRO Cloud Protection: Centralized encryption technology for file sharing 2015
7 TOPAs Tools for cOntinuous building Performance Auditing 2015
8 RespiceSME Regional, National and European Support for Photonics Innovation Clusters enhancing SMEs Innovative Potential 2016
9 habITAT Internet of Things Air Tester as a new standards based wearable monitoring station for personalized indoor and outdoor air quality real-time assessment 2015
10 TOREADOR TrustwOrthy model-awaRE Analytics Data platfORm 2016
11 THERMIDRONE Automated 3D Thermal Imaging of Industrial Plants and Residential Buildings by Drones 2016
12 INPRO Improving IPR management services to SMEs engaging in peer learning activities 2016
13 SES-BI SESCOM Business Intelligence platform for energy saving and smart facility management 2016
14 CloudPerfect Enabling CLoud Orchestration, Performance and Cost Efficiency Tools for QoE Enhancement and Provider Ranking 2016
15 KONFIDO KONFIDO - Secure and Trusted Paradigm for Interoperable eHealth Services 2016
16 EU-SEC The European Security Certification Framework 2017
17 SecureIoT Predictive Security for IoT Platforms and Networks of Smart Objects 2018
18 FENTEC Functional Encryption Technologies 2018
19 VESTA VErified STAtic analysis platform 2018
20 SMOOTH GDPR Compliance Cloud Platform for Micro Enterprises 2018
21 PAPAYA PlAtform for PrivAcY preserving data Analytics 2018
22 ALEX ALgorithms EXposed. Investigating Automated Personalization and Filtering for Research and Activism 2018
23 SPEEDIER SME Program for Energy Efficiency through Delivery and Implementation of EneRgy Audits 2019
24 SO WHAT Supporting new Opportunities for Waste Heat And cold valorisation Towards EU decarbonization 2019
25 INNOVEAS INNOVativing the uptake of Energy Auditing Schemes for SMEs 2019
26 RESpECT RESpECT - Public Actions, Private Rules at the Margins: Ensuring Respect for Human Rights by Private Security Companies 2019
27 CLARA The first superbot to audit calls 2019
28 WaterSENSE Making SENSE of the Water value chain with Copernicus Earth Observation, models and in-situ data 2020
29 CALIPER The CALIPER project: Linking research and innovation for gender equality 2020
30 cmRNAbone 3D Printed-Matrix Assisted Chemically Modified RNAs Bone Regenerative Therapy for Trauma and Osteoporotic Patients 2020