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H2020 projects about "commercialised"

The page lists 61 projects related to the topic "commercialised".

# achronym  title  year 
1 KConnect Khresmoi Multilingual Medical Text Analysis, Search and Machine Translation Connected in a Thriving Data-Value Chain 2015
2 SeagateSail 20% fuel saving for commercial vessels through a hybrid wind plus motor cruise mode. 2014
3 MICROAB Micro machining with abrasive waterjets 2014
4 FFI Forward Flow Infusion - Low Cost Composite Manufacturing Process for High Volume Production 2014
5 SEAMETEC Smart Efficient Affordable Marine Energy Technology Exploitation using Composites 2014
6 HEATBOOST Sorption Heat-pump Component Boosting Energy-efficiency in Gas-fired Boilers 2014
7 ADA Accelerating the Dissemination of Agluna(R), a clinically proven innovative silver ion based anti-microbial surface technology, from orthopaedics sector into the dental implant sector 2015
8 Bacticon1 BACTerial detection and CONtrol of urinary tract infection 2015
9 PAYPLUG LABS Next generation online payments and fraud detection API for European SMEs 2015
10 DEFLUG Development of Environmentally Friendly Flue Gas Purification Solution 2015
11 DISCO Data Integrated Supply Chain Optimisation 2015
13 ShopStar Image learning to create a new online marketing tool 2015
14 PerMarDrive Integrated PERmanent Magnet Motor-Clutch Drive for Parallel Hybrid Power MARINE Propulsion Systems 2015
15 FORMILK Innovative technology for the detection of enzyme activity in milk 2016
16 HG Real-time molecular diagnostic testing for human infectious diseases using LAMP (Loop Mediated Isothermal Amplification) technology. 2016
17 S-PEEK Simple, immediate and economical access to company credit rating and financial information. 2016
18 SafeWood Novel bio-inspired environmentally-friendly process for producing durable and dimensionally-stable wood 2016
19 DISCO Data Integrated Supply Chain Optimisation 2016
20 RIGVIR Feasibility study for registration of medicine RIGVIR with the European Medicine Agency 2016
21 AceForm4.0 Activating Value Chains for EU leadership in FORMulation Manufacturing 4.0 2016
22 POWDERBLADE Commercialisation of Advanced Composite Material Technology: Carbon-Glass Hybrid in PowderEpoxy for Large (60-100m) Wind Turbine Blades 2016
23 IntAir Cheaper, Lighter, Safer Composite Materials for Aircraft Interiors 2016
24 KRG-250 A fuel saving, emission reducing and cost effective Continuosuly Variable Transmission for European passenger vehicles 2016
25 BIOMULCH Integrated solution for innovative biodegradation control of agricultural plastic mulches. 2016
26 SMARTTS Smart Tanks for Space 2017
27 SULIPRO A scientifically proven, safe, naturally derived drug for the effective treatment of liver damage - an innovative solution for a significant unmet medical need 2017
28 WASPSNEST Wavelength tunable Advanced Single Photon Sources Non-laboratory Environment Specification and Testing 2017
29 PICOGC Market introduction of a revolutionary lab-on-a-chip Micro-Gas-Chromatograph for a cost-effective management of natural gas 2017
31 A2CM Deploying the novel, large-scale Ateknea Air City Monitoring Platform 2017
32 MILDTECH MILDTECH- Low cost, low temperature, rapid and energy efficient dual frequency microwave assisted vacuum system for drying and cooking foods 2017
33 MFDS Multi-Functional Detective System (MFDS) – Advanced, ‘Intelligent Transport System’ creating smarter and safer European roads 2017
34 S-6000 S-6000 Dual Transceivers: Flexible and Robust Data Links On-the-move 2017
35 TEM TEKLAB Evaporator Management system for energy efficient refrigeration 2017
37 DANTE DANTE: Digital Alarm Network and Tracking Equipment for forest fire detection 2018
38 BEE LABEL Bee Label: A new remote beehive surveillance for better bee health and secured pollination 2018
39 Pirocrack Integrated pyrolisis and thermal cracking technology to revolutionise the MSW treatment market 2018
40 Medika Commercialisation of dental medical device for measuring salivary pH 2018
41 MAXHEAT The best wearable heating system on the market. Together with strong clothing brands. 2018
42 CLEANprocesses Gaining an in-depth understanding of the technical feasibility and commercialization potential for the cold-active amylase enzyme 2018
43 FORMBECC LaminarPace System: a breakthrough technology for dry-formulation of sensitive pharmaceuticals at room temperature enhancing their stability beyond the cold chain 2018
44 CereBrill Brain training tools for better focus - using games and brainwaves to improve performance in children with ADHD 2018
45 BEAWARE Early warning system for enteropathies in intensive broiler farming. 2018
46 TUMOURPRINT High Throughput Bioprinting of Tumour Models for Drug Development and Oncology Research 2018
47 RESTORE User-centred smart nanobiomaterial-based 3D matrices for chondral repair 2019
48 LEGO A “movement digitisation” sensor as a brick for disruptive IoT services 2019
49 EDE The Sustainable Renovation Hub for Existing Buildings 2019
50 GenEl General readout electronics for cross-sectoral application in European research infrastructure 2020
51 XMOS Multimodal context and voice recognition for seamless voice control technology interfaces with low upfront cost 2019
52 BEMYEYES Specialized Help from Be My Eyes – harnessing technology to connect companies directly with their blind and visually impaired users 2019
53 CAPTIS An Embolic Protection Device for stroke prevention during heart valve replacement. 2019
54 FieldTwin First centralized data platform for efficient and collaborative development of offshore energy projects 2019
55 SUNSTONE OMTLAB’s Real time positioning system for smart & flexible manufacturing 2019
56 RheoCare Rheological Monitoring of Chronic Respiratory Diseases 2019
57 XpeFundus A smart hyperspectral system for early, non-invasive diagnosis of retinal disease 2020
58 WINTHER Fast optoacoustic mesoscopy, using the skin as a window for therapeutic monitoring of local and systemic disease. 2020
59 EMPOWER European methanol powered fuel cell CHP 2020
60 NEFERTITI A Novel Eco-Friendly, dually Efficient and Resistance-free Treatment of vaginITIs 2020
61 SYN-TOOLKIT A Diagnostic Testing Package for Childhood Synaesthesia 2020