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H2020 projects about "couplers"

The page lists 9 projects related to the topic "couplers".

# achronym  title  year 
1 PQC Photonic Quantum Computing 2015
2 SIW-SAT-ANTENNAS Circularly Polarized Antenna Arrays for Broadband Satellite Data Terminals Using Substrate Integrated Waveguides enhanced with Metamaterials 2015
3 Q-DIM-SIM Quantum spin simulators in diamond 2017
4 CoordPEFC Active-site modulation of metal-ligand Coordinated complex electrocatalysts for PEFCs 2018
5 QUSCO Quantum superiority with coherent states 2018
6 MORPHIC Mems-based zerO-power Reconfigurable PHotonic ICs 2018
7 3PEAT 3D Photonic integration platform based on multilayer PolyBoard and TriPleX technology for optical switching and remote sensing and ranging applications 2018
8 FR8RAIL II Digitalization and Automation of Freight Rail 2018
9 SPINONICS Integrated devices based on spin-orbit photonics. 2020