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H2020 projects about "disadvantaged"

The page lists 39 projects related to the topic "disadvantaged".

# achronym  title  year 
1 Let's Do The Science Life is Science, Science is Life: LET'S DO THE SCIENCE! 2014
2 SILNE-R Enhancing the effectiveness of programs and strategies to prevent youth smoking: a comparative realist evaluation of 7 European cities 2015
3 HEIM Higher Education Internationalisation and Mobility: Inclusion, Equalities and Innovations 2015
4 EXCEPT Social Exclusion of Youth in Europe: Cumulative Disadvantage, Coping Strategies, Effective Policies and Transfer 2015
5 Global eHealth Creating an evaluation and research strategy and an evidence base for eHealth systems to improve the quality of data collection and care in low and middle income settings 2015
6 CMCG Engaging Urban Youth: Community, Citizenship, and Democracy 2016
7 TackSHS Tackling secondhand tobacco smoke and e-cigarette emissions: exposure assessment, novel interventions, impact on lung diseases and economic burden in diverse European populations. The TackSHS Project. 2015
8 ENLIVEN Encouraging Lifelong Learning for an Inclusive and Vibrant Europe 2016
9 PEARLE Peers in ECEC centres: who are they and do they matter? An empirical analysis on ECEC group composition, its drivers and its effects 2016
10 MetricIMo The Econometrics of Intergenerational Mobility 2017
11 IMPACT Improving parent and child interaction to enhance oral language development 2016
12 ISOTIS Inclusive Education and Social Support to Tackle Inequalities in Society 2017
13 ASNODEV Aspirations Social Norms and Development 2016
14 COLOURTEST The development, evaluation and commercialisation of an early years test of colour vision deficiency. 2016
15 trans-making Art / culture / economy to democratize society. Research in placemaking for alternative narratives 2017
16 SIGNSPACE Multilingual work spaces for sign language users – An online portal driving social innovation 2017
17 MoroccoMasculinities Masculinities, Youth and Violence in the Moroccan Underclass: Young Men and Their Future Selves. 2017
18 MOOC_DaSI Patterns of diffusion and social implications of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs): A comparative study between United States and Europe 2017
19 PhonLab A clinical phonetics laboratory service (PhonLab): diagnostics of speech impairment via the web 2017
20 Dendromass4Europe Securing Sustainable Dendromass Production with Poplar Plantations in European Rural Areas 2017
21 NEMESIS Novel Educational Model Enabling Social Innovation Skills development 2017
22 GENDEMOTION The Gendered Politics of Emotion in Austerity Ireland 2017
23 RESISTANCE Rebellion and Resistance in the Iberian Empires, 16th-19th centuries 2018
24 SpeechTech4Literacy Multilingual Children’s Speech Assessment Platform for Literacy and Language Learning 2018
25 SySTEM 2020 SySTEM 2020: Connecting Science Learning Outside The Classroom 2018
26 FEMAGREE Female Agricultural Entrepreneurs: Identifying Institutional Barriers to Equality 2018
27 LIAE Laughing in an Emergency: Humour, Cultural Resilience and Contemporary Art 2018
28 DYMOLAMO Dynamic Modeling of Labor Market Mobility and Human Capital Accumulation 2018
29 HERA Integrating Environment and Health Research: a Vision for the EU 2019
30 PIDS Population level interventions to improve diet and reduce social inequality 2019
31 EQOP Socioeconomic gaps in language development and school achievement: Mechanisms of inequality and opportunity 2019
32 INCLUDED Intercultural Digital Media Education for Social Inclusion of Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Youth in the Urban Migration Society 2019
33 GAII Governing activation in Ireland: comparing Ireland's mixed-economy of public employment services 2020
34 SUSTEUS Assessing the socio-economic impact of environmentally sustainable redevelopment plans on communities housed in social housing estates in EU and US cities 2020
35 WorkYP Working, Yet Poor 2020
36 SPOT Social and innovative Platform On cultural Tourism and its potential towards deepening Europeanisation 2020
37 OrgMIGRANT How Work Organizations Shape Ethnic Stratification across Immigrant Generations: Assimilation, Segregation, and Workplace Contexts 2020
38 Net2Gel Double network hydrogels for topical drug delivery applications 2020
39 TEARAID From TEARs to AID: the effects of emotional tears in images of refugees on helping through crowdfunding actions 2021