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H2020 projects about "dynamism"

The page lists 19 projects related to the topic "dynamism".

# achronym  title  year 
1 CHOReVOLUTION Automated Synthesis of Dynamic and Secured Choreographies for the Future internet 2015
2 GEMM Growth, Equal Opportunities, Migration and Markets 2015
3 HInDI The historical dynamics of industrialization in Northwestern Europe and China ca. 1800-2010: A regional interpretation 2015
4 READEX Runtime Exploitation of Application Dynamism for Energy-efficient eXascale computing 2015
5 AFRIGOS African Governance and Space: Transport Corridors, Border Towns and Port Cities in Transition 2016
7 CANEFF Development of a new palletiser/depalletiser control system for optimum efficiency 2016
8 Diet-namic From fast food to healthy diet: Addressing the dynamic molecular mechanism of sequential diet switch-induced T cell plasticity for the purpose of developing new treatments for immuno-mediated diseases 2016
9 certMILS Compositional security certification for medium- to high-assurance COTS-based systems in environments with emerging threats 2017
10 PATHS The Paths of International Law: Stability and Change in the International Legal Order 2017
11 Load Slice Core Load Slice Core: A Power and Cost-Efficient Microarchitecture for the Future 2018
12 Gold3Cat (P,C) and (O,O) well-defined gold(III) complexes for the development of new gold(III) catalytic processes 2018
13 OCIAN Ownership, competition, innovation, and antitrust 2018
14 MapProdIGI Microdata analysis for Policies for Productivity, Innovation, Growth and Inclusion 2018
15 ReNewHydrides Renewable Hydride Donors and Their Utilization in Catalytic Reduction and Deoxygenation Reactions 2019
16 BoostUrCAreer Boosting PhD employability @UCA 2019
17 INNovaSouth Implementation of workplace innovation scheme in Southern European SMEs 2019
18 EPICA Improved Credentialess and Secure Cloud Access 2019
19 DYNANSE Righting the Wrongs. A Life Course Dynamics Approach for Non-Standard Employment 2020