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H2020 projects about "simplification"

The page lists 45 projects related to the topic "simplification".

# achronym  title  year 
1 SPS_TFP_Strut Application of tailored fibre placement technology in integral composite structures for ultra-lightweight space applications 2014
2 EB2BSN Let us build the first European Business-to-Business Social Network 2014
3 CAPITULA Variation on a theme: evolutionary-developmental insights into the Asteraceae flower head 2015
4 LeSoDyMAS Learning in the Space of Dynamical Models of Adrenal Steroidogenesis “LeSoDyMAS” 2015
5 HEAVYDWF Charm and Bottom flavour physics with chiral lattice fermions 2015
6 ChemSniff Chemical sniffer device for multi-mode analysis of threat compounds 2015
7 DryCoolerSeeds Optimum, sustainable solution for seed drying and conservation 2015
8 NEWCORT Novel Processes and Equipment in Composite Repair Technology 2016
9 IDENTITY Usable Digital Signature 2016
10 OnceForAll Streamline the european business environment with first class disruptive technology 2016
11 NASUM Innovative nanotech-based detection equipment in the area of homeland security 2016
12 TITANIUM Software Components for Robust Geometry Processing 2017
13 NuWaSim On a Nuclear Waste Deep Repository Simulator 2016
14 InertialSensors Interferometric inertial sensors for gravitational-wave detectors 2016
15 MassLOC Massive MIMO Localization for 5G Networks 2017
16 DRYNET Setting an interdisciplinary/sectorial/international research network to explore dry storage as an alternative strategy for cells/germplasm biobanking 2017
17 SmartCore Smart Core/shell nanorod arrays for artificial skin 2016
18 ENHANCE Piezoelectric Energy Harvesters for Self-Powered Automotive Sensors: from Advanced Lead-Free Materials to Smart Systems 2017
19 NSLGP non-structural landing gear parts made of composite 2017
20 HFLE Hybrid Fixed Leading Edge 2017
21 NHYTE New Hybrid Thermoplastic Composite Aerostructures manufactured by Out of Autoclave Continuous Automated Technologies 2017
22 IBIS Platform for label-free quantitative detection of single proteins and extracellular vesicles 2017
23 MixITiN Bringing the paradigm for marine pelagic production into the 21st century: incorporating mixotrophy into mainstream marine research 2017
24 PUNCTUATION Pervasive Upstream Non-Coding Transcription Underpinning Adaptation 2018
25 INVICTUS IN VItro Cavitation Through UltraSound 2017
26 MEPAFUS Metitalia prototype tooling for fuselage panel 2018
27 INVISIBLE WINDOW An innovative, low-carbon window characterised by ultra-high thermal performance created using the most sustainable and energy efficient manufacturing processes. 2018
28 The insect cochlea The Insect cochlea: a non-invasive path towards enhanced sound detectors 2018
29 DryCoolerSeeds Optimum, sustainable solution for seed drying and conservation 2018
30 Digiteal Digiteal: Next generation e-invoicing and e-payment platform, one-click and automatic invoice payment anywhere in the SEPA zone 2018
31 ADAM5 ADvanced multicarrier wAveforms based Massive MIMO with full-duplex capability for green 5G and beyond 2018
32 MicroQC Microwave driven ion trap quantum computing 2018
33 COMBUSS Composite tooling for business jet lower wing stiffened panel manufacturing 2018
34 IGNITE High performance generation channel Integration and Testing 2018
35 PivotBuoy PivotBuoy - An Advanced System for Cost-effective and Reliable Mooring, Connection, Installation & Operation of Floating Wind 2019
36 BeBamb Beyond the Bamboo Hypothesis. A microscopic exploration of plant processing practices in prehistoric Palawan, Philippines, and their relationship to lithic technology. 2019
37 PUMP3M2D Innovative pump to carry out asbestos level measurements by remote control through IOS/ Android App 2019
38 ChemChain Blockchain Platform to Track Chemicals along the Value Chain 2019
39 STARFISH Sociolinguistic typology and responsive features in syntactic history 2020
40 Contunity Radically Simplifying Electronics Engineering 2019
41 PatientDataChain PatientDataChain - Blockchain approach to disrupt patient-provider medical records data exchange 2020
42 RAGT Robust Algorithmic Game Theory 2020
43 PACT Populism and Conspiracy Theory 2020
44 FDM^2 Structural multiscale modelling of extrusion-based 3D and 4D printed materials 2020
45 PLanTra Plain language for financial content: Assessing the impact of training on students' revisions and readers' comprehension 2020