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H2020 projects about "exoskeleton"

The page lists 24 projects related to the topic "exoskeleton".

# achronym  title  year 
1 DexROV Dexterous ROV: effective dexterous ROV operations in presence of communication latencies. 2015
2 RETRAINER REaching and grasping Training based on Robotic hybrid AssIstance for Neurological patients: End users Real life evaluation 2015
3 WALKEr Robot-induced Error Augmentation for improving pre-gait and gait rehabilitation in stroke survivors 2015
4 HUMEXE HUman EXoskEleton for autonomous movement control 2015
5 SPEXOR Spinal Exoskeletal Robot for Low Back Pain Prevention and Vocational Reintegration 2016
6 XoSoft Soft modular biomimetic exoskeleton to assist people with mobility impairments 2016
7 HANK European advanced exoskeleton for rehabilitation of Acquired Brain Damage (ABD) and/or spinal cord injury's patients. 2016
8 ERXOS ElectroRheological fluid based eXOSkeleton devices for physical upper limb rehabilitation 2016
9 S.D.S. an innovative system for building hulls for recreational and work boats 2016
10 An.Dy Advancing Anticipatory Behaviors in Dyadic Human-Robot Collaboration 2017
11 EURECA Enhanced Human Robot cooperation in Cabin Assembly tasks 2017
12 NEPSpiNN Neuromorphic EMG Processing with Spiking Neural Networks 2017
13 e-walk Biomechanical engineer for robotic healthcare solutions 2017
14 HUMEXE HUman EXoskEleton 2017
15 PRO GAIT Physiological and Rehabilitation Outcomes: Gains from Automated Interventions in stroke Therapy (PRO GAIT) 2018
16 MEMMO Memory of Motion 2018
17 NGBMI Building Next-Generation Brain/Neural-Machine Interfaces For Restoration of Brain Functions 2018
18 iHand The First Soft Robotic Glove for Hand Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation 2018
19 REHO Robotic REHabilitation Orthosis 2018
20 Simecos A New Adjuvant Nutraceutical from the North Atlantic Ocean for Breast, Lung and Pancreatic Cancer Patients 2018
21 Chairless Chair The worldwide first exoskeleton for the creation of ergonomic, age-neutral and low-fatigue workplaces in industry and for the reduction of physical strains in the ageing workforce 2018
22 SYMBeetle Symbiont-assisted cuticle biosynthesis as a key innovation contributing to the evolutionary success of beetles 2019
23 ABLE Home use, affordable and lightweight exoskeleton for people with lower-limb paralysis 2019
24 ReHyb Rehabilitation based on Hybrid neuroprosthesis 2020