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H2020 projects about "indices"

The page lists 45 projects related to the topic "indices".

# achronym  title  year 
1 PROGRESS Prediction of Geospace Radiation Environment and solar wind parameters 2015
2 MODELAGE Is your heart aging well? A systems biology approach to characterize cardiac aging from the cell to the body surface 2015
3 SSIX Social Sentiment analysis financial IndeXes 2015
4 SEI Metrics Developing Sustainable Energy Investment (SEI) metrics, benchmarks, and assessment tools for the financial sector 2015
5 GETUI Gestures in Tangible User Interfaces 2015
6 EAVESTROP Eavesdropping on the tropics: assessment of climate change impacts on amphibians through passive acoustic monitoring 2016
7 iBack Individualized treatment planning in chronic back pain patients by advanced imaging and multi-parametric biomechanical models 2015
8 Digi-NewB Non-invasive monitoring of perinatal health through multiparametric digital representation of clinically relevant functions for improving clinical intervention in neonatal units (Digi-NewB) 2016
10 SNSNEWS The new flow of news : how social network sites transform news organization and citizens political behavior 2016
11 ThreatValPun Perceptions of threat to personal values shape punishment judgments through social identity threat 2016
12 EHT-CaMKII CaMKII over stimulation in engineered heart tissues (EHTs) made from human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs): a parameter involved in the immaturity of hiPSC EHTs cardiomyocytes? 2016
13 TOXIC-RISK Systematic investigation of the spatiotemporal variability of TOXIC hydrogen sulphide events and their potential RISKs for the Namibian fishing and aquaculture industry 2016
14 CityNet Cities in Global Financial Networks: Financial and Business Services and Developmentin the 21st Century 2016
15 MeerTRAP Discovering Fast Transients and Pulsars with MeerKAT for Cosmology and to Test the Laws of Gravity 2016
16 EDWEL Empirical Demand and Welfare Analysis 2016
17 HiNaPc Sodium-ion pouch cells with high energy and power density 2017
18 FASDEM Failing and Successful Sequences of Democratization 2017
19 WILDGUT GUT biota indices: a new tool for WILD animal conservation 2017
20 RELMED Electricity in the Mediterranean: Promoting good regulatory governance 2017
21 Prolifimeter Growth detection and quantification (GDQ) 2017
22 SSID Soundscape Indices 2018
23 SWAMI Space Weather Atmosphere Model and Indices 2018
24 BOUNCE Predicting Effective Adaptation to Breast Cancer to Help Women to BOUNCE Back 2017
25 CLIMLAN Novel multivariate, high-resolution mapping of the exposure of ecosystems to climate and land use change 2018
26 SusCrop ERA-NET Cofund on Sustainable Crop Production 2018
27 GRADE GNSS Solutions for Increased GA and Rotorcraft Airport Accessibility Demonstration 2018
28 CROSSGRASS Cross-border analysis of grassland greenness in Asia: Climate variations, grazing pressure, and land policy change 2018
29 COLOSSEO Seismogenic COmpression in southern Italy? – High-resolution topography (Lidar) and mOrphotectonic analySis to test the active nature of the Southern ApenninE Outer Thrust Front 2018
30 GENESIS GENetics and the Electrocardiogram for predicting Scd rISk 2019
31 EPICE Emergent Properties to Improve Climate projections over Europe 2018
33 GEISIE Gender and Ethnic Integration in Science, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship 2018
34 MIGPACT The impact of neighbourhoods, peers and families on psychiatric disorders, substance usedisorders and crime in first- and second-generation immigrants 2018
35 DISCE Developing Inclusive & Sustainable Creative Economies 2019
36 HoloFood Holistic solution to improve animal food production through deconstructing the biomolecular interactions between feed, gut microorganisms and animals in relation to performance parameters 2019
37 SCHINES Spatially-Separated Chirality Inspired Networks 2019
38 AMIGOclimate Customised climate index insurance services for agriculture 2019
39 NewMonEc Monetary Economics and Communication: New Data, New Tools, New and Old Questions 2019
40 SAECG Prediction of AF incidence using PR interval measurements, echocardiographic data and biomarker profiles: Analyses within epidemiological Framingham Heart Study and LIFE Health Care Study cohorts 2019
41 CHROME Linking Chemical diversity and Reactivity of Arctic dissolved Organic Matter for its integration in Earth system models 2020
42 CEGUM Coordination for Efficient and Green Urban Mobility 2019
43 BriFace Novel assessment of bridge retrofitting measures through Interface Efficiency Indices (InterFeis) using a Guided Wave-based monitoring method 2019
44 PHOOTONICS A Cost-Effective Photonics-based Device for Early Prediction, Monitoring and Management of Diabetic Foot Ulcers 2019
45 inDICEs Measuring the impact of DIgital CulturE 2020