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H2020 projects about "mantle"

The page lists 49 projects related to the topic "mantle".

# achronym  title  year 
1 O2RIGIN From the origin of Earth's volatiles to atmospheric oxygenation 2015
2 EURO-LAB Experiment to Unearth the Rheological Oceanic Lithosphere-Asthenosphere Boundary 2016
3 KimberliteNewApproach A new approach to revealing the composition of kimberlite melts and their deep mantle source 2016
4 WINTERC-3D Thermochemical imaging of the Earth’s mantle: Global inversion of seismic waveforms, satellite gravity data and surface elevation 2015
5 DEEPER Deep Earth Elastic Properties and Effective Rheology 2015
6 SeisMo SEismology of the MOon 2016
7 PGE-PLANETS Mineral scale platinum-group-element osmium isotope constraints on planet formation ‘late’ accretion 2015
8 DEEP TIME Dynamic Earth Evolution and Paleogeography through Tomographic Imaging of the Mantle 2015
9 RotaNut Rotation and Nutation of a wobbly Earth 2015
10 DIME Disequilibirum metamorphism of stressed lithosphere 2015
11 CIAO Central Iran Amphibole-bearing Ophiolite 2015
12 PLANETDIVE Planetary diversity: the experimental terapascal perspective 2016
13 ITHERLAB In-situ thermal rock properties lab 2016
14 FETA Fluid impacts in EarTh Accretion 2016
15 GCB-PRID Post-transcriptional Regulation of Germinal Center B Cell Responses in Immunity and Disease 2016
16 ATUNE Attenuation Tomography Using Novel observations of Earth's free oscillations 2016
17 ISOREE New insight into the origin of the Earth, its bulk composition and its early evolution 2016
18 REALISM Reproducing EArthquakes in the Laboratory: Imaging, Speed and Mineralogy 2016
19 BCM-UPS Dissecting the role of the ubiquitin proteasome system in the pathogenesis and therapy of B-cell malignancies 2016
20 CSEM The Collaborative Seismic Earth Model Project 2017
21 SEIC Setting Earth's Initial Conditions: A fluid dynamics study of core-mantle differentiation 2017
22 TRANSCALE Reconciling Scales in Global Seimology 2017
23 SalFluMa Saline Fluids in the Mantle - Experimental Investigation of Their Role in Diamond Formation and Kimberlite Magmatism 2018
24 TEROPPLATE Testing the role of thermo-chemical piles in the generation and continuation of plate tectonics 2018
25 PICKLE Planetary Interiors Constrained by Key Laboratory Experiments 2017
26 GEOTRIBE Generation and Evolution Of Transform-Ridge Interaction and Behavior on Earth 2018
27 ReVolusions Quantifying Recycling Fluxes of Earth Surface Materials and Volatiles in Subduction Zones using Melt Inclusions 2018
28 NEWTON NEw Windown inTO Earth's iNterior 2018
29 CAYMAN Illuminating Ultra-Slow Spreading Centres: a seismic approach to the Cayman Trough 2019
30 ORANG ORogenic cycle revised: Post-subduction tectonics at A contineNtal marGin 2019
31 NoLiMit Non-Linear Bayesian partition-modeling of the Earth's mantle transition zone 2018
32 Proteasome in cancer Identification of the proteasome machinery targets in human cancer 2018
33 SINDIA Sulphide INclusions in DIAmonds: A Window into The Earth’s Interior Through Time 2019
34 UltraLVP Chemistry and transport properties of bridgmanite controlling lower-mantle dynamics 2018
36 ZoomDeep Zooming in on the core-mantle boundary 2019
37 RockDEaF Dynamics of rock deformation at the brittle-plastic transition and the depth of earthquake faulting 2019
38 20SInhibitor Selective 20S proteasome inhibition for multiple myeloma therapy 2019
39 EvoPlans The Evolution of Terrestrial Planets: Insights from Models of Planetary Evolution with Coupled Internal, Atmospheric/Surface Development 2020
40 TEMPO Combining Tectonics and Machine Learning to Constrain Plate Reconstruction Models Through Time 2019
41 HAMA New insights on Earth’s formation and differentiation processes from in situ analyses of halogens (F, Cl, Br and I) in meteorites and mantle samples 2019
42 VOLATILES_MERCURY The fate of volatiles in magma on Mercury 2019
43 MoVEMENT Mobility of Volatiles in the Earth’s Mantle by Experimental and Numerical Technics 2020
44 SHRED Survival of Hadean REmnants in a Dynamic mantle 2020
45 MERCURYREFINEMENT Refining our view on planet Mercury, in anticipation for the BepiColombo mission. 2020
46 GOforISOBIF Probing the Geochemistry of the First Oceans with Novel ISOtope Proxies in Banded Iron Formations (BIFs): New Perspectives into Early Continental Weathering, Ocean Oxygenation and Mantle Geodynamics 2020
47 GRACEFUL Probing the deep Earth's interior by synergistic use of observations of the magnetic and gravity fields, and of the rotation of the Earth. 2020
48 DEEP-MAPS Deep Earth Mantle Phase Transition Maps: Studied by Time-Resolved Experiments 2020
49 MEET Monitoring Earth Evolution Through Time 2020