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H2020 projects about "outperform"

The page lists 62 projects related to the topic "outperform".

# achronym  title  year 
1 CHROMTISOL Towards New Generation of Solid-State Photovoltaic Cell: Harvesting Nanotubular Titania and Hybrid Chromophores 2015
2 MIRAGE 20-15 Mid Infra-Red near-field control by Adiabatic frequency Generation Enabling 20fs/15nm resolution 2015
3 QPE Quantum Photonic Engineering 2015
4 EDUCAGE The EDUCAGE: A Behavioral Platform for Naturalistic Learning 2015
6 SpeechXRays Multi-channel biometrics combining acoustic and machine vision analysis of speech, lip movement and face 2015
7 SuSiPOD Broadband Superconducting Nanowire Single Photon Detectors 2015
8 TransVivome Microbial biogeography of the gastrointestinal tract: Towards a better understanding of the drivers of oral and colorectal cancer development. 2015
9 OLDIAS Online Dialysis Sensor 2015
10 EcoVel Commercialization of the most sustainable laundry detergent 2015
11 iTPX In-cavity thermophotonic cooling 2015
12 nuClock Towards a nuclear clock with Thorium-229 2015
13 PLASILOR Plasmonic-Silicon-Organic Hybrid – a Universal Platform for THz Communications 2015
14 HTC4WASTE Up-scaling, demonstration and first market application of Loritus’ patented hydrothermal carbonisation as an eco-efficient and cost-effective organic waste processing technology 2015
15 TENSORNETSIM Accurate simulations of strongly correlated systems with tensor network methods 2016
16 ICT-STREAMS Silicon Photonics Transceiver and Routing technologies for High-End Multi-Socket Server Blades with Tb/s Throughput interconnect interfaces 2016
17 BCOOL Barocaloric materials for energy-efficient solid-state cooling 2016
18 CV SUBUNIQC Sub-Universal Quantum Circuits in Continuous Variables 2016
19 ConAQuMe Quantum Control for Advanced Quantum Metrology 2016
20 DNSVCFA Development of a novel servovalve concept for aircraft 2017
21 BMC Rendering Bayesian Monte Carlo for Global Illumination 2016
22 Goal Attribution in Groups Perceiving the intentions of the weakest link: How attributed individual and collective goals impact reactions to low performers in groups 2016
23 ECOOL Evaporative Cooling Technologies for dry and humid climates 2016
24 RemoTech Remote technical assistance for field service operators 2016
25 OrgaDetect Commercializing NuDev's Organic Permeable Base Transistors (OPBT) in full Organic photodetectors and chip-size spectrometers 2016
26 CyBioSys An affordable Cyber Biological System combining swarming biosensors and robotics 2016
27 SuperRepel Superslippery Liquid-Repellent Surfaces 2017
28 FAST TestOM FAST and accurate Testing of Organic Materials 2017
29 WHITELIGHT White Light Emitting Lanthanide Metal Complexes for Electroluminescent Materials 2018
30 TOXANOID Pharmacological safety testing in human adult stem cell-derived organoids 2017
31 ASISA Advanced Superlattice Infrared detectors for Space Applications 2017
32 RED-Alert Real-time Early Detection and Alert System for Online Terrorist Content based on Natural Language Processing, Social Network Analysis, Artificial Intelligence and Complex Event Processing 2017
33 AlgoRNN Recurrent Neural Networks and Related Machines That Learn Algorithms 2017
34 Q-ROOT Quantum optomechanics at ROOm Temperature 2018
35 QUSCO Quantum superiority with coherent states 2018
36 MEMBER Advanced MEMBranes and membrane assisted procEsses for pre- and post- combustion CO2 captuRe 2018
37 Mont-Blanc 2020 Mont-Blanc 2020, European scalable, modular and power efficient HPC processor 2017
38 TiltHex Tilt Rotor Heat Exchanger 2018
39 QTherm-2D Development of a new first-principle Framework for Quantum Thermoelectricity — Application to 2D materials 2018
40 MAPIC Microfluidic Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Capture (MAPIC) System 2018
41 LOGISTAR Enhanced data management techniques for real time logistics planning and scheduling 2018
42 ACCOPT ACelerated COnvex OPTimization 2018
43 POC PieceOfCake: an AI-driven chatbot to manage complex business data 2018
44 QNets Open Quantum Neural Networks: from Fundamental Concepts to Implementations with Atoms and Photons 2019
45 MACQSIMAL Miniature Atomic vapor-Cells Quantum devices for SensIng and Metrology AppLications 2018
46 2D-PnictoChem Chemistry and Interface Control of Novel 2D-Pnictogen Nanomaterials 2018
47 BRiiGHT Broadband Room-temperature Inexpensive & IndistinGuishable pHoTons 2018
48 PERDY Perceptually-Driven Optimizations of Graphics Content for Novel Displays 2019
49 ELG European Language Grid 2019
50 UTOPEST Unified Theory of Efficient Optimization and Estimation 2019
51 MAMMO1 Deep learning for mammography: Improving accuracy and productivity in breast cancer diagnosis. 2019
52 GRAPH-IC Silicon-Integrated Graphene Photodetectors for Future Photonic Integrated Circuits – Graph-IC 2019
53 Quromorphic Neuromrophic Quantum Computing 2019
54 GuidedNW-PV High-Voltage Micro-Photovoltaic Cells and Photodetectors Based on Guided Nanowires for On-Chip Powering of Autonomous Microsystems 2019
55 THOR Thermoplastic Hydrogen tanks Optimised and Recyclable 2019
56 PLASMIONICO Plasmon-resonance driven thermionic emitters for improved solar energy harvesting 2019
57 MICROX Microscopy of living cancer cells at physiological oxygen levels: the MICROX platform 2019
58 E-ODD Extending On-Demand wheel Drive to On-Road applications 2019
59 Power2Power The next-generation silicon-based power solutions in mobility, industry and grid for sustainable decarbonisation in the next decade. 2019
60 TheRealCompetition When Public Health Campaigns Warn You, but Your Friends Like to Drink – Connecting Computational Social Science and Neuroscience to Understand Real-World Health Behavior 2019
61 SpinENGINE Harnessing the Emergent Properties of Nanomagnet Ensembles for Massively Parallel Data Analysis 2020
62 SWING Sonaca WING flap process Development 2019