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H2020 projects about "proactively"

The page lists 52 projects related to the topic "proactively".

# achronym  title  year 
1 SUSTAIN Sustainable tailored integrated care for older people in Europe 2015
2 RAMCIP Robotic Assistant for MCI patients at home 2015
3 SHARCS Secure Hardware-Software Architectures for Robust Computing Systems 2015
4 INNOVATIONOPTIONS Valuing Innovation Options and Policy Flexibility Under Uncertainty 2016
5 GDAPIV Genomics Data Analysis Pipelines with Interactive Visualizations 2015
6 City.Risks Avoiding and mitigating safety risks in urban environments 2015
7 HaS-DARIAH Humanities at Scale: Evolving the DARIAH-ERIC 2015
8 ProACT Integrated Technology Ecosystem for ProACTive Patient Centred Care 2016
9 MAGIC Mobile Assistance for Groups Individuals within the Community - STROKE REHABILITATION 2016
10 CyberWiz Cyber-Security Visualization and CAD-Tool for the Vulnerability Assessment of Critical Infrastructures 2015
11 DIPLOFACE Diplomatic Face-Work - between confidential negotiations and public display 2016
12 POMEGRANATE Practice-Oriented Security Models and Granular Designs for Future-Proof Authenticated Encryption 2017
13 ANYWHERE EnhANcing emergencY management and response to extreme WeatHER and climate Events 2016
14 ProPApp New PTFE Production Process for High Value Applications 2016
15 REVOLVE Radio Technologies for Broadband Connectivity in a Rapidly Evolving Space Ecosystem: Innovating Agility, Throughput, Power, Size and Cost 2017
16 ETIP PV - SEC Support to all stakeholders from the Photovoltaic sector and related sectors to contribute to the SET-Plan 2016
17 VIRT-EU Values and ethics in Innovation for Responsible Technology in EUrope 2017
18 Plan4Act Predictive Neural Information for Proactive Actions: From Monkey Brain to Smart House Control 2017
19 PrEstoCloud PrEstoCloud - Proactive Cloud Resources Management at the Edge for Efficient Real-Time Big Data Processing 2017
20 InCa InCa - Cardio Watch for Continuous Intra-Cardiac Blood Pressure Sensing 2016
22 SPARK Supporting Pioneer doctoral Researchers through 3i Knowledge partnerships 2017
23 REDSENTRY Proactive Operational Intelligence Cybersecurity Platform for the Financial Services Industry 2017
24 SFICAM SFICAM: Ultrafast Fiber-Based Single-Photon Camera for Advanced Microscopy 2017
25 Wave Predictor Wave Predictor 2018
26 cLEvER Lightweight and rEliable Emergency exits and cabin footstep for fast Rotorcraft 2018
27 Ctrl Code Proactive Brain State Regulation: a closed-loop brain-state dependent stimulation approach 2019
28 Geo-Coat Development of novel and cost effective corrosion resistant coatings for high temperature geothermal applications 2018
29 TheSocialBusiness The advantages and pitfalls of elicitated online user engagement 2018
30 TrueProactive ROMAD TrueProactive - a next generation cyber defence software for European SMEs 2018
31 FIT4FoF Making our Workforce Fit for the Factory of the Future 2018
32 PREFET Proactive FET Observatory for early trends, project building and social responsibility 2018
33 HERA Integrating Environment and Health Research: a Vision for the EU 2019
34 Flaner Flaner, a memory enhancement software platform 2018
35 SPHINX A Universal Cyber Security Toolkit for Health-Care Industry 2019
36 Gov4Nano Implementation of Risk Governance: meeting the needs of nanotechnology 2019
38 NMJ Neuromuscular-Junction-on-a-Chip to study medication for Parkinson 2019
39 SESAME Smart European Space Access thru Modern Exploitation of Data Science 2019
40 NEURONET Efficiently Networking European Neurodegeneration Research 2019
41 Trustonomy Building Acceptance and Trust in Autonomous Mobility 2019
42 gradar Job Evaluation made easy for European SMEs. Unique innovative solution to perform digital job evaluation, compensation analytics and management in an easy, transparent and cost-effective way. 2019
43 MICADO Measurement and Instrumentation for Cleaning And Decommissioning Operations 2019
44 NorKHelp Using population genomics and metabarcoding to pro-actively manage kelp bioresources 2019
45 ODIX 2.0 A revolutionary cybersecurity SaaS helping small-medium business (SMEs) to protect their networks like large corporates do! 2019
46 PACE The leading manufacturer-independent connected-car platform, disrupting value creation and customer communication in the automotive aftermarket 2019
47 CARAMEL Artificial Intelligence based cybersecurity for connected and automated vehicles 2019
48 CPSoSaware Cross-layer cognitive optimization tools & methods for the lifecycle support of dependable CPSoS 2020
49 iNEXT-Discovery Infrastructure for transnational access and discovery in structural biology 2020
51 RAIKA A.I. enabled knowledge analysis automation to increase resilience, security and performance of Enterprise ICT systems. 2019
52 FuturePowerFlow Exploiting the full integration potential of fluctuating renewable energies in power grid operation by new predictive technologies 2020