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H2020 projects about "snow"

The page lists 38 projects related to the topic "snow".

# achronym  title  year 
1 I-ALLOW Imaging analysis in all lighting and off weather conditions 2015
2 MEROXRE Understanding the fate of Arctic atmospheric mercury (Hg) deposition – A Hg stable isotope investigation of redox processes and Hg re-emissions 2015
3 YAKUT Genomics, epigenomics and transcriptomics of Yakutian horses, a unique domestic breed adapted to life in the Arctic 2015
4 YAKUT Genomics, epigenomics and transcriptomics of Yakutian horses, a unique domestic breed adapted to life in the Arctic 2015
5 BIPHA Bio-physical processes around marine snow aggregates 2015
6 SnowRESolution All Weather Snow machine driven by Renewable Energy Sources 2015
7 MOBNET MOBile NETwork for people's location in natural and man-made disasters 2016
8 CAT Climbing the Asian Water Tower 2016
9 Fundsphere Terms FST Reshaping the Asset Management Industry by commercialising the first digital solution to automate preparation of legal agreements that will increase the growth of registered funds on global markets. 2016
10 LAWINE Links between warming Arctic and climate extremes in northern Eurasia 2017
11 PNOWWA Probabilistic Nowcasting of Winter Weather for Airports 2016
12 CoupledIceClim Coupled climate and Greenland ice sheet evolution:past, present and future 2016
13 BLUE SNOW Integrated system for queue monitoring and speed automatic modulation in ropeways. 2016
14 APPLICATE Advanced Prediction in Polar regions and beyond: Modelling, observing system design and LInkages associated with ArctiC ClimATE change 2016
15 Gridsense Sensors monitoring environmental and electrical parameters of electrical high voltage lines 2017
16 SNOWTECH A novel method for prolonging the melt time in snow and ice through restructuring and electro smog removal 2017
17 SnowRESolution All-Weather Snow machine driven by Renewable Energy Sources 2017
18 SPFireSD Seasonal Prediction of Fire danger using Statistical and Dynamical models 2017
19 PROSNOW Provision of a prediction system allowing for management and optimization of snow in Alpine ski resorts 2017
20 VERT Vertex switch – the foundation for a more sustainable and reliable railway transport system 2017
21 SNOWISO Signals from the Surface Snow: Post-Depositional Processes Controlling the Ice Core IsotopicFingerprint 2018
22 PAPILA Prediction of Air Pollution in Latin America 2018
23 MYCO-CARB FUNCTIONAL BIOLOGY AND ECOLOGY OF PLANKTONIC MARINE FUNGI – Revealing the mechanistic basis of the roles of mycoplankton in the marine carbon cycle 2018
24 CliRSnow Statistically combine climate models with remote sensing to providehigh-resolution snow projections for the near and distant future. 2018
25 RAVEN Rapid mass loss of debris covered glaciers in High Mountain Asia 2018
26 LISTEN Lost In translation: Strengthening communication skills between real world and climaTe modEls for seasonal to decadal predictioN 2019
27 DINGO SME-1 Digital avalanche safety - Rethink the off-piste and backcountry skiing experience 2018
28 Snowless Real-time reaction, autonomous and energy-efficient snowmelt technology for lightly and heavily trafficked pavement surfaces. 2018
29 Modules New Technology for High Resistant and Flexible Fabric Structures 2018
30 EPIC Earth-like Planet Imaging with Cognitive computing 2019
31 Smart-tyre "Real time measurement of wear and damage in tyres to reduce accidents and enable the ""tyre as a service"" model" 2019
32 ICE GENESIS Creating the next generation of 3D simulation means for icing 2019
33 TRINIDAT Tilt Rotor INlet Innovative Design And Testing 2019
34 DOCKNROLL Tackling Idleness and Under-utilization of Heavy-Machinery with a new fully Automated and Versatile Docking System 2019
35 kelbus2 Experimental and numerical study of long runout landslides 2020
36 MoonBikes A personal electric mobility snow vehicle 2019
37 Waterjade Waterjade: the global platform to predict water resources 2019
38 SCIFY Self-Calibrated Interferometry for Exoplanet Spectroscopy 2020