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H2020 projects about "spacecraft"

The page lists 55 projects related to the topic "spacecraft".

# achronym  title  year 
1 PLUGIN Payload Universal Geostationary Interface 2015
3 DEMOCRITOS Demonstrators for Conversion, Reactor, Radiator And Thrusters for Electric Propulsion Systems 2015
4 NEOShield-2 Science and Technology for Near-Earth Object Impact Prevention 2015
5 TCLS ARM FOR SPACE Feasibility and Definition of a Triple Core Lockstep ARM System-on-Chip for Space Applications 2015
6 SmartCloudsODC SmartClouds Orbital Dynamics and Control 2016
7 SAT STABILIS Nonlinear Sampled-data Attitude Stabilization of Underactuated Spacecraft 2015
8 ASTROMULTISCALE Multiscale dynamics of astrophysical plasmas: pressure-anisotropy-driven instabilities and large-scale dynamical processes 2015
9 S4ILS Solar Sailing for Space Situational Awareness In the Lunar System 2015
10 MSR Multifunctional Satellite Radiator 2015
11 PTAL Planetary Terrestrial Analogues Library 2016
12 SaSHa Si on SiC for the Harsh Environment of Space 2016
13 POLIFEMO POLIFEMO - Panoramic Multifunctional Sensor for Small/Micro Satellite 2015
14 ONION Operational Network of Individual Observation Nodes 2016
15 META-REFLECTOR Next generation meta-material based Optical Solar Reflectors 2016
16 ReDSHIFT Revolutionary Design of Spacecraft through Holistic Integration of Future Technologies 2016
17 TeSeR Technology for Self Removal of Spacecraft 2016
18 FRoST The Foreshock and its Role in Solar-Terrestrial relations 2017
19 SiLaSpaCe Si based Layer Stacks for Rear-Side Passivation and Enhanced Reflection of GaInP/GaInAs/Ge Triple-Junction Space Solar Cells 2016
20 PRESTISSIMO Plasma Reconnection, Shocks and Turbulence in Solar System Interactions: Modelling and Observations 2016
21 COMPASS Control for Orbit Manoeuvring through Perturbations for Application to Space Systems 2016
22 ARGO Highly accurate, flexible, robust and scalable multicamera system for spacecraft autonomous attitude determination through low cost cameras 2016
23 HEMPT-NG High Efficiency Multistage Plasma Thruster – Next Generation 2017
24 SMARTTS Smart Tanks for Space 2017
25 DISCOVERER DISCOVERER – DISruptive teChnOlogies for VERy low Earth oRbit platforms 2017
26 Habitat-OASIS Habitability of Oceans and Aqueous Systems on Icy Satellites 2017
27 OSMOSIS One Step Modification of Space-Integrated Systems 2017
28 ForbMod Forbush decrease model for expanding CMEs affecting Earth and Mars 2017
29 KuRx Ku-Band Satellite Receiver 2017
30 Hi-FLY High-Speed Integrated Satellite Data Systems For Leading EU IndustrY 2018
31 SpaceCarbon European Carbon Fibres and Pre-Impregnated Materials for Space Applications 2018
32 AuroraMHD Constraints on Io's and Europa's atmospheres and interiors from modeling of the satellites' aurora 2018
33 JUMP JUpiter Modeling Platform 2018
34 ULTRACONTROL Ultra-low cost orbit transfer and orbit control for future libration point missions 2019
35 ALTOM Ground-breaking two-phase cooling solution for Electrical and Hybrid Vehicles 2018
36 MiRAGE Enhanced mission autonomy through on-board Artificial Intelligence for next generation spacecraft 2018
37 Stardust-R Stardust Reloaded 2019
38 ALFAMA Advanced Lightweight and Flexible Array with Mechanical Architecture 2018
39 EROSS European Robotic Orbital Support Services 2019
40 IMPACTA Innovative Mechanically Pumped loop for ACtive Antennae 2019
41 S4Pro Smart and Scalable Satellite High-Speed Processing chain 2018
42 RYTHMS ReliabilitY of opto-Transceivers for Health Monitoring Systems 2018
43 FLEXGAN Ka-band GaN-based SSPA for flexible payloads and multicarrier operation for 5G satellite concept 2018
44 BEBOP Binaries Escorted By Orbiting Planets 2018
45 E.T.PACK Electrodynamic Tether Technology for Passive Consumable-less Deorbit Kit 2019
46 NG-EGSE Next Generation Modular EGSE Architecture 2019
47 MarsFirstWater The physicochemical nature of water on early Mars 2019
48 SOIROpenVenus SOIR instrument Open science of the Venus upper atmosphere 2020
49 PETRA Deciphering the magnetic record of planetary rocks using spacecraft and laboratory measurements 2019
50 VOLATILES_MERCURY The fate of volatiles in magma on Mercury 2019
51 EDDA European Direct-Drive Architecture 2019
52 PAGER Prediction of Adverse effects of Geomagnetic Storms and Energetic Radiation 2020
53 SafeSpace Radiation Belt Environmental Indicators for the Safety of Space Assets 2020
54 EXTREMA Engineering Extremely Rare Events in Astrodynamics for Deep-Space Missions in Autonomy 2020
55 FASTKiT Fully Adaptive Simulation Tool for Kinetic Theory 2020