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H2020 projects about "stochasticity"

The page lists 10 projects related to the topic "stochasticity".

# achronym  title  year 
1 CoPS Coevolutionary Policy Search 2015
2 THERMOPLAST Adaptive plasticity meets unpredictability: how do organisms cope with changing environmental variability? 2016
3 CyberGenetics Cybergenetics: Theory and Design Tools for Biomolecular Control Systems 2017
4 WFNQMC Development of a Novel Computational Toolbox for Stochastic Electronic Structure in Chemistry and Condensed Matter 2018
5 LinPro Principles of Neural Stem Cell Lineage Progression in Cerebral Cortex Development 2017
6 M-INHIB Non-linear temporal dynamics of mutually inhibiting pyramidal cells: underlying mechanism for bi-stable perception and disambiguation 2018
7 RESPONSIBILITY The Roots of Responsibility: Metaphysics, Humanity, and Society 2018
8 ATM2BT Atomistic to Molecular to Bulk Turbulence 2019
9 BrownianReactivation Neural stochasticity and criticality in memory replay 2019
10 MeM-Scales Memory technologies with multi-scale time constants for neuromorphic architectures 2020