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H2020 projects about "voters"

The page lists 23 projects related to the topic "voters".

# achronym  title  year 
1 MEDINI Mechanism Design under Incomplete Information 2015
2 InfoAggregation Information Aggregation in Elections 2015
3 PEMP Political Economy with Many Parties: Strategic Electorate and Strategic Candidates 2015
4 POLITICALMIND Explaining Politicians' and Voters' Behavior 2015
5 FIRSTTIME That Special First Time - Boosting Turnout and Satisfaction amongst First Time Voters 2016
6 EMPATIA Enabling Multichannel PArticipation Through ICT Adaptations 2016
7 INATTENTION Behavioral and Policy Implications of Rational Inattention 2016
8 MAPLE Measuring and Analysing the Politicisation of Europe before and after the Eurozone Crisis 2016
9 CITIZINGLOBAL Citizens, Institutions and Globalization 2017
10 ELWar Electoral Legacies of War: Political Competition in Postwar Southeast Europe 2017
11 POLITRAITS Politicians’ traits and public policies: learning how personal features influence fiscal outcomes 2017
12 AccessVote The First European Platform for Accesible Paper Vote Cast 2017
13 EUROPOPULISM European Integration, Populism and European Cities 2017
14 SCHOOLPOL The Transformation of Post-War Education: Causes and Effects 2018
15 LIDD Popular Sovereignty vs. the Rule of Law? Defining the Limits of Direct Democracy 2018
16 ELHO The Age of Hostility: Understanding the Nature, Dynamics, Determinants, and Consequences of Citizens' Electoral Hostility in 27 Democracies 2019
17 SOCIALEU The missing pillar. European social policy and Eurosceptic challenges (SOCIALEU) 2019
18 PLEDGEDEM Pledges in democracy 2019
19 PEMB The Political Economy of Media Bias 2019
20 DiCED Digital Campaigning and Electoral Democracy 2020
21 LPIGMANN Labour Policies for Inclusive Growth 2019
22 REDEM Reconstructing Democracy in Times of Crisis: A Voter-Centred Perspective 2019
23 POPULIZATION Behavioral Foundations of Populism and Polarization 2020