Progetti FP7 coordinati da "Dipartimento per i diritti e le pari opportunita"

# progetto  anno  totale costo  contributi 
1 PRAGES Practising Gender Equality in Science 2008 1˙498˙040.00 998˙418.00
2 WHIST Women’s careers hitting the target: gender management in scientific and technological research 2009 1˙146˙582.00 663˙558.00
3 STAGES Structural Transformation to Achieve Gender Equality in Science 2012 4˙646˙640.00 2˙789˙759.00
4 TRIGGER TRansforming Institutions by Gendering contents and Gaining Equality in Research 2014 3˙767˙200.00 2˙179˙369.00

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L'Ente dipartimento per i diritti e le pari opportunita partecipato anche in questi progetti.