Progetti FP7 coordinati da "Stichting duits-nederlandse windtunnels"

# progetto  anno  totale costo  contributi 
1 L-CROR CTS Low speed aerodynamic test of large CROR aircraft model in a closed test section 2012 1˙999˙840.00 1˙499˙880.00
2 L-CROR OTS Low speed aeroacoustic test of large aircraft model with open rotor engines 2012 3˙195˙000.00 2˙396˙250.00
3 BLAME Breakthrough Laminar Aircraft Model wind tunnel testing in Europe 2013 988˙756.00 741˙567.00
4 PLAAT Aeroacoustic and aerodynamic wind tunnel tests at low speed for a turbofan model equipped with TPS 2014 1˙991˙400.00 1˙493˙550.00
5 LAAME-CROW Advanced Measurement Techniques in a Low Speed CROR Wind Tunnel Test 2015 947˙720.00 710˙790.00
6 LAC-LORR OTS Low speed aeroacoustic test of an open rotor powered complete model 2015 1˙299˙000.00 974˙250.00

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