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H2020 projects about "assimilated"

The page lists 20 projects related to the topic "assimilated".

# achronym  title  year 
1 InnoSI Innovative Social Investment: Strengthening communities in Europe (InnoSI) 2015
2 MOLECOPS International mobility, local economics and European cooperation policies in the central Sahara 2015
3 GLANCE calculatinG heaLth impActs of atmospheric pollutioN in a Changing climatE 2015
4 TransIt Translating science in the long Italian Eighteenth-Century. The role of translators and publishers as “cultural mediators” (1760-1790s) 2017
5 FIBRANET Fibres in Ancient European Textiles 2017
6 VESPER Volcanoes: eruptive style, pre-eruptive evolution and risk 2018
7 INDIV-STAT Statistical learning and second language acquisition: individual differences and neurobiological underpinning. 2017
8 Cleansing Water Water and Baptism in Old English Poetry 2017
9 BRISK II Biofuels Research Infrastructure for Sharing Knowledge II 2017
10 TotalControl Advanced integrated supervisory and wind turbine control for optimal operation of large Wind Power Plants 2018
11 CoreSat Dynamics of Earth’s core from multi-satellite observations 2018
12 Re-Leaf Environment-coupled metabolic models for engineering high-temperature and drought REsistant LEAF metabolism. 2018
13 LiDeNiAc Ligand Design for Nitrogen Activation 2018
14 DECODER DEveloper COmpanion for Documented and annotatEd code Reference 2019
15 CRYSTAL CLEAR CRYSTAL CLEAR: determining the impact of charge on crystal nucleation 2019
16 ReS4ToM Real-Time GNSS for European Troposphere Delay Model 2019
17 BioSIGNAL Biological pump Sensitivity and climate change: InterroGatiNg past environmentAL perturbations 2019
18 MYFUN The contribution of mycorrhizal fungi to multifunctionality in global drylands 2020
19 Nanodink Quantum Photonic Digital-Ink Solution for Large Format Displays 2019
20 ELFO Electronic Food: enabling edible electronic systems for biomedical and food monitoring applications 2020