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H2020 projects about "author"

The page lists 30 projects related to the topic "author".

# achronym  title  year 
1 Gregory Gregory Nazianzen's methodeology of the theological arguing 2015
2 MorePheno Collider Phenomenology and Event Generators 2015
3 MPAT Multi-platform application toolkit 2015
4 SIR Scriptores Iuris Romani. Texts and Thought. 2015
5 BEACONING Breaking Educational Barriers with Contextualised, Pervasive and Gameful Learning (BEACONING) 2016
6 MultiMT Multi-modal Context Modelling for Machine Translation 2016
7 Phenclass Ancient Philosophy and the Emergence of European Thought: Phenomenology in Conversation with Classical Studies 2016
8 PopClandSATYRICON Popular readers and clandestine literature: the case of an early modern translation of Petronius’ Satyricon into Italian (17th C.) 2016
9 DesignerAntibiotics Towards the prevention of aminoglycoside antibiotic-related deafness 2017
10 ASAGIP Ancient scholarship on archaic Greek iambic poetry 2016
11 GeNoSOS Generation of Non-classical States in Optomechanical Systems 2016
12 HOM Homo Mimeticus: Theory and Criticism 2016
13 TIM-Adrastea “Thinking in Images. Herder’s Adrastea from 1801-03 up to nowadays” 2017
14 NanoZfish Restoration of motor dysfunction in vivo through nanomaterials based devices 2017
15 RED-Alert Real-time Early Detection and Alert System for Online Terrorist Content based on Natural Language Processing, Social Network Analysis, Artificial Intelligence and Complex Event Processing 2017
16 ALGAMATER Using microalgae bioreactor technology to deliver the world’s most cost-effective, energy-efficient and adaptable system for the treatment of toxic industrial and landfill wastewater 2017
17 PROOFY Protecting Creations Made Easy. Unique Innovative solution to protect intellectual property of original works in digital format in an easy and cost-effective way 2017
18 DFitHH Digital Forensics in the Historical Humanities: Hanif Kureishi, The Mass Observation Archive, Glyn Moody 2018
19 SOURCES Sources of rationality: arousal and the use of rational and heuristic decision strategies 2018
20 Origen on the Psalms Origen'S Exegesis of the Psalms: Contributions from a Close Analysis of his Homilies on the Psalms (Codex Monacensis Graecus 314) 2019
21 IN-3D-CAN Instrumented 3D-Printed Miniature Muscles for Cardiotoxicity Screens of Cancer Therapies 2018
22 eHONESTY Embodied Honesty in Real World and Digital Interactions 2018
23 CAFYR Constructing Age for Young Readers 2019
24 TEXTEVOLVE A New Approach to the Evolution of Texts Based on the Manuscripts of the Targums 2019
25 CONMECH Nonsmooth Contact Dynamics 2019
26 ReFraMed Histories Rewriting and (Re-)Framing Memory in Late Medieval Historiography. The Case of Brabant (14th-15th c.) 2019
27 REVERE Revisiting the Seventeenth-Century Republic of Letters 2019
28 FEATHERS FEATHERS (FE / MALES AND THEIR SCRIBES): Authorship and the Mediation of Voices, c. 1558-1642 2020
29 NONORMOPERA Sexual and Gender Non-Normativity in Opera after the Second World War 2021
30 LyrA Lyric Authority: Editing and Rewriting Dante’s Lyric Poetry (14th – 16th c.) 2020