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H2020 projects about "beat"

The page lists 25 projects related to the topic "beat".

# achronym  title  year 
1 SEMICOMPLEX Divide and conquer ab initio semiclassical molecular dynamics for spectroscopic calculations of complex systems 2015
2 Baby Beat Providing Clarity of Fetus Heartbeat Through Baby Beat Bracelet Measuring Fetal Arterial Pulse Wave 2015
3 Con Espressione Getting at the Heart of Things: Towards Expressivity-aware Computer Systems in Music 2016
4 CV SUBUNIQC Sub-Universal Quantum Circuits in Continuous Variables 2016
5 AIMMS STAR-PLUS Scientific Top Training in Antimicrobial Research 2016
6 METAFLUIDICS Advanced toolbox for rapid and cost-effective functional metagenomic screening - microbiology meets microfluidics. 2016
7 CResPace Adaptive Bio-electronics for Chronic Cardiorespiratory Disease 2017
8 Tesseract Best Curved Adapted Meshes for Space-Time Flow Simulations 2017
9 OCTTIC Open-Centre Tidal Turbine Industrial Capability 2016
10 RHYTHMSYNC Rhythm synchronization between music and spoken language 2017
11 INSOMNIA BEAT IT Integrated Network of Sleep-Optimizing Modules for Norm-Informed Adaptive Behavioural, Environmental And Therapeutic Internet Training 2017
12 NEURO-SWARM Efferent modulation of auditory sensitivity in mosquitoes: From auditory transduction to swarming behaviour 2017
13 BEAt-DKD Biomarker Enterprise to Attack DKD - Sofia ref.: 115974 2016
14 BEAT The functional interaction of EGFR and beta-catenin signalling in colorectal cancer: Genetics, mechanisms, and therapeutic potential. 2017
15 DIATOMIC Digital Innovation Hubs boosting European Microelectronics Industry 2017
16 AgroPestAlert High Tech and Disruptive Prices Global Solution for Real Time Alerts on Agrifood Pest, based on wing beat, unique features on insects biometric 2017
17 AdAI Revolutionary Artificial Intelligence Solution for Managing and Optimising Google AdWords 2017
18 CounterLIGHT Interaction and Symmetry Breaking of Counterpropagating Light 2018
19 INFLUENCE Influence-based Decision-making in Uncertain Environments 2018
20 ELECTRO-POM From discovery to scale up of cluster based electrolytes for Ultra-high energy storage flow batteries 2018
21 NERHYMUS The Neurobiology of Rhythm: effects of Musical expertise on natural speech comprehension 2018
22 ViSionRF ViSionRF: Vital Signal Monitoring using Radio-Frequency Technologies – Standard IF-RI 2019
23 IQubitNet Integrated multi-qubit devices for scalable quantum networks 2019
24 REFOCUS Chip-Scale Self-Referenced Optical Frequency Comb Sources 2020
25 InSiDe Integrated silicon photonics for Cardiovascular Disease monitoring 2020