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H2020 projects about "checks"

The page lists 49 projects related to the topic "checks".

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1 GALNIMBUS Disruptive cloud-based irrigation controller to optimize water use efficiency in agriculture 2014
2 ECOROADS Effective and COordinated ROAD infrastructure Safety operations 2015
3 IMPACT Impact of Cultural aspects in the management of emergencies in public Transport 2015
4 FLYSEC Optimising time-to-FLY and enhancing airport SECurity 2015
5 IPSIBiM Improved Patient Safety through Intensive Biosignal Monitoring 2015
6 TRAINSFARE Transport System with Artificial Intelligence for Safety and Fare Evasion 2015
7 CompInnova An Advanced Methodology for the Inspection and Quantification of Damage on Aerospace Composites and Metals using an Innovative Approach 2015
8 CALIPRI CALIPRI - an easily customisable all purpose optical gauge for 2D-profiles. 2015
9 NEREID NanoElectronics Roadmap for Europe: Identification and Dissemination 2015
10 Sir-Park Smart Integrated system for Reliable Parking information, search and guidance. 2015
11 TAIS TES App Issuing Software 2015
12 MSTYR15 Market Surveillance Action for Tyres 2015 2016
13 Sensolweighs Solar energy and pressure sensor based solution for truck weighing 2016
14 SRR Sovereignty and the Right to Regulate 2017
15 CALIPRI Smart CALIPRI Smart - the easy to use and failsafe handheld optical gauge for 2D-profiles. 2016
16 BISS Biometric Identification Security System 2016
17 NIRWOOD Fast, Accurate, Low Cost and Hand Held NIR Technology to Ascertain Wood Origin and Quality during Logistic Operations 2016
18 CepBin A sub-percent distance scale from binaries and Cepheids 2016
19 SmILES Smart Integration of Energy Storages in Local Multi Energy Systems for maximising the Share of Renewables in Europe’s Energy Mix 2016
20 FORCE Formulations and Computational Engineering 2017
21 SECOMP Efficient Formally Secure Compilers to a Tagged Architecture 2017
22 IDEM In Defence of Experimental Medicine: Emotional Appeals and Medical Didacticism in Germany,Britain and North America, 1870-1914 2017
23 AVAST Advanced Volcanic Ash characteriSaTion 2017
25 SECURE_TRAY Advanced Security Trays for World Airports 2017
26 ePT ePT - Electronic Procedure Trainer for aviation pilots and cabin crew 2017
27 BlockchainKYC Blockchain-based, 100% automated KYC (Know Your Customer) service 2017
28 MMAMA Microwave Microscopy for Advanced and Efficient Materials Analysis and Production 2017
29 Stringlandscape Deconstructing the string landscape 2018
30 PERSONA Privacy, ethical, regulatory and social no-gate crossing point solutions acceptance 2018
31 COSMIC CBRNE Detection in Containers 2018
32 DeltaScan Public private partnership to revolutionize delirium care in hospitals 2018
33 SocialTruth Open Distributed Digital Content Verification for Hyper-connected Sociality 2018
34 justITSELF Just-in-time Self-Verification of Autonomous Systems 2019
35 MoonVision 2.0 Using AI Computer Vision 2.0 for Visual Inspection in the Industry 2019
36 BTPin Market Disruptive Pin Technology for Improving Heavy Machinery Operations and Safety 2019
37 BlockchainKYC Blockchain-based, 100% automated KYC (Know Your Customer) service 2019
38 New GeneSS New Generation Design Methods for Stainless Steel Structures 2019
39 OnDosis01 A first in category prescription regimen for ADHD combining stimulants with intelligent dosing and digital capabilities 2019
40 XSPERINSE X-ray SPEctral detectors for Reliable, Intelligent and INnovative SEcurity 2019
41 TaxiDriver The EU platform to reinforce traditional taxi drivers and face the challenging competition of digital era 2019
42 EVERIFIN EU-wide internet banking application for managing more accounts from multiple banks in one place 2019
43 CodeSan Code Sanitization for Vulnerability Pruning and Exploitation Mitigation 2020
44 DIONE DIONE: an integrated EO-based toolbox for modernising CAP area-based compliance checks and assessing respective environmental impact 2020
45 eBORDER Secure and Wireless Multimodal Biometric Scanning Device for Passenger Verification Targeting Land and Sea Border Control 2020
46 Ofi Ofi, pool management at your fingertips! 2020
47 mecasa-AI Inclusive innovation bringing the digitalizing world to the changing care needs and preferences of Europe’s ageing population 2020
48 TNT Truth-not-Trust 2020
49 FACADE FAçade bio-CArbon based anti UV coating to prevent DEterioration of wooden buildings 2020